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Bad Bar Experiences Do Not = Failing the Bar

Part I Congratulations bar exam takers.  The end is coming near!  Just mere days before you take the bar exam! After the test some of you will walk out and think, “I aced the exam!”  Many others with think, “That was the worst experience of my life, I just failed the bar exam!”   However, take […]


Quick 10 Checklist for Bar Examination Packing!

Alright, all you bar examination takers!  This week Louisiana took (is taking) their bar examination!  Yah Louisiana!  Now it is a lot of other states’ turn.  As you prepare to get ready for your hotel stay: Remember to Bring These 10 Items (this list is not exhaustive) when packing for the bar examination.  Pack your bag three […]


Today’s Law School Student: Some Market Changes

Law Students Making Relationships

It’s that time of year again -we know.  Yes, that time of year when law school applications start to become available in the upcoming months.  (For instance, Duke Law School begins accepting applications in September for the following year’s class.  The deadline for Duke Law is mid February).    Since the 1980s, for over 25 […]


Top 10 Cities for Starting Your Legal Career: 1-5

Alright, here are the Top 5 cities for starting your legal career. Do you agree about #1? Share your comments and let me know what you think. 5. San Francisco, California San Francisco is known for its progressive spirit and cultural acceptance. It’s very eco-friendly – perfect for environmental lawyers – and is rich in […]


Prepping for Law School During the Summer

Ah the lazy days of summer. Fluffy white clouds drifting pleasantly across the sky. Crystal-clear water lapping at your toes. Time standing still. No responsibilities. No pressure. Nothing to prepare for each day—unless you’re heading to law school this fall. For rising law school students, summer vacation is a unicorn, a fallacy, something that only […]


How to Land a Law Job After Graduation

Law School Job

Your first job as a lawyer– it’s the reason you went to law school. It’s what will launch your career, and may be the most important job of your life. But you have to land it–and that can sometimes be easier said than done. Here are some tips to help you land at your first […]


How to Take Great Law School Lecture Notes

Law School Notes

Taking great lecture notes is one part science, one part art, and one part effort. You’ve got to know how to best structure them so you can use them to prepare for the exam which is often months away. You’ve got to know how to identify the information that is most important to your professor, […]


The Law School Curve: Understanding the Grading Policy

Most law schools grade on a “curve.” This means that the grades that students earn on law school exams are adjusted in some mathematical manner to achieve the desired grade distribution.   With a grade curve system there is a permitted range of each letter grade that the professor will award for each exam or paper.   […]


LSAT, Law School, Bar Test Prep: Novins

Novins Law Prep provides coaching and test preparation for all law related tests, including the bar exam, LSAT and law school courses. While it is based in New York, Novins Law Prep offers tutoring services for the bar exams for all fifty states. Novins Law Prep was established by Drew Novins, a graduate of Georgetown […]


Time Management for Law Students

  No doubt for many of you time management is a skill which often eludes students.  Many students are masters of procrastination, waiting to the last minute to complete research papers or study for exams.  In other instances, particularly on the graduate level, students become so overwhelmed with the massive daily workload of class preparation, […]


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