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Studying Law and Being Able to Recall – Techniques That Work

Fact and figures. Dates and decisions. Statutes and stare decisis. During exams, it can be difficult to pull the right information out of your brain at just the right time. Which is why having a “recall strategy” in place as early in the semester as possible is critically important to doing well when exams roll […]


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Dating While in Law school: Should I or Shouldn’t I?

At first blush, looking for love within the halls of your law school might seem like a good idea. Who doesn’t want to date someone who’s smart and able to talk about civil procedure? But before you ask that section-mate out on a date, consider the following : You don’t have a social life; do […]


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Summer Study Abroad Programs: Memorable Experience with Great Value

The winter winds are on their way in, and snow is right around the corner—so naturally it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to do this coming summer. If you’re not graduating in the Spring, you may want to consider packing your bags and studying the law in a foreign country. Great experience […]


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Common Myths of Law School Exams

You want to do well on your exams, which is why you’ve asked more experienced students how to best prepare. Here’s one more piece of advice: You might want to ignore everything they’ve told you. When it comes to how to do well on law school exams, there are more myths than there are easy […]


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How to Get Through Cases in Law School Fast

Briefing cases is a necessary evil, a diabolic rite of passage that has brought many 1Ls to their knees, surrounded by a case book, crumpled paper and their own law law school mortality. But fear not, aspiring lawyers. The first case always cuts the deepest, and if you develop a strategy for quickly consuming and […]


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Why Going Part Time Might Make More Sense

Part-time law school programs have a stigma attached to them. People think they’re inferior to full-time programs because a lot of the courses are taught by adjunct professors, their students tend to be nontraditional and, really, who wants to go to class at night? It’s too bad, because some of the best jurists in our […]


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How to Keep Your Sanity During Law School

Therapy dogs. That’s what law school has come to. The same beautiful and bucolic creatures used to comfort people in hospitals—people fighting for their very survival—are now being brought into law schools to comfort … students? It’s true; law schools across the country are doing everything they can to help students manage stress, anxiety and […]


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Is Going to a New Law School Worth It?

Falling employment rates for graduates. Soaring tuition costs. Impractical curricula that leave students ill-prepared to succeed in the real world. These are just a few of the recent criticisms of law schools. Across the country, a relative handful of disgruntled former law school students are screaming, “Don’t do it! Don’t go to law school. It’s […]


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Why Your 1L Grades Might Not Have Been Up to Your Expectations

If you’re among the myriad law school students who are disappointed in your 1L grades, you’re likely considering your options right now, as your 2L year draws near.  Some of you will accept the status quo and eek out a J.D., some will quit, and some will turn things around finish near the top of […]


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Creating a Law School Exam Strategy for Success

You go to class every day. You take notes, read like a librarian, brief cases and participate. You hang on your professor’s every word. Then you have to wait an entire semester before you get to demonstrate your knowledge. Annoying, right? Law school exams are vexing. Their subject matter is months in the making. You […]


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