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Tips for Females to Survive Law School

Law school has always been geared toward men. In fact, there was a time not too long ago when women weren’t even admitted to many schools, and then even when they were, women who earned their J.D.s were relegated to the receptionists desks.  Thankfully those days are gone, but some traditions die hard and law […]


Bar Exam Tips: Passing the Exam in Multiple States

Earning your J.D. is a major accomplishment, but it’s only the first step toward launching a successful career as a lawyer. Once you’ve walked across the commencement stage, you’ve got two things left to do: pass the bar and find a job. It’s a competitive job market for people seeking lawyer jobs, so one of […]


How to Network in Law School for Introverts

Talk to any lawyer and they’ll tell you that there are two things every law school student needs to do to ensure they have a job after graduation: Finish in the top percent of your class and network.  Doing well in law school is everyone’s goal. You wouldn’t be there if you hadn’t already proven […]



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