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Should I Rent or Buy My Law School Books?

Law School Course

  Recently students have asked FindMyLawTutor.com should I rent or buy my law school books? Law school can certainly be expensive and this is a valid question.  Students can run up bills in the hundreds of thousands of dollars very quickly and students should keep costs down as much as possible while they are in […]


Did you Just Graduate from Law School? Make sure you “Add” all your Law School Classmates!

  For many of you who graduated from law school this last May you may be pleased that you never have to see you law school classmates again. Maybe you felt like your classmates were competitive and they bragged about their grades.  Maybe you didn’t make Law Review and you had an embarrassing moot court […]


Bad Experiences Do Not = Failing the Bar Part II

  Students here is the continuation of the article Bad Experiences Do Not Equal Failing the Bar Exam Part I.  Just remember for those of you taking the exam tomorrow that a bad bar experience doesn’t mean anything.  Just remember to continue and Good Luck!!!……. I was crushed.  I had just failed the bar exam.  […]


Bad Bar Experiences Do Not = Failing the Bar

Part I Congratulations bar exam takers.  The end is coming near!  Just mere days before you take the bar exam! After the test some of you will walk out and think, “I aced the exam!”  Many others with think, “That was the worst experience of my life, I just failed the bar exam!”   However, take […]


How to Land a Law Job After Graduation

Law School Job

Your first job as a lawyer– it’s the reason you went to law school. It’s what will launch your career, and may be the most important job of your life. But you have to land it–and that can sometimes be easier said than done. Here are some tips to help you land at your first […]


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The Law School Curve: Understanding the Grading Policy

Most law schools grade on a “curve.” This means that the grades that students earn on law school exams are adjusted in some mathematical manner to achieve the desired grade distribution.   With a grade curve system there is a permitted range of each letter grade that the professor will award for each exam or paper.   […]


LSAT, Law School, Bar Test Prep: Novins

Novins Law Prep provides coaching and test preparation for all law related tests, including the bar exam, LSAT and law school courses. While it is based in New York, Novins Law Prep offers tutoring services for the bar exams for all fifty states. Novins Law Prep was established by Drew Novins, a graduate of Georgetown […]


Time Management for Law Students

  No doubt for many of you time management is a skill which often eludes students.  Many students are masters of procrastination, waiting to the last minute to complete research papers or study for exams.  In other instances, particularly on the graduate level, students become so overwhelmed with the massive daily workload of class preparation, […]


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Does Everyone Really Need to Prepare for the LSAT?

If there’s one thing I can promise you about the Litigious Quest you’re embarking upon, it’s this: When you walk into Your Dream Law School on Day 1, there’s going to be some guy there who claims he didn’t even prep for the LSAT. You’ll know him by the snooty lilt to his voice. (He’ll […]


The Second Time Around: 9 Tips for Retaking the Bar Exam

law School Studies Pattern

Learning that you did not pass the bar exam is one of the more discouraging moments of your career.  After three years of law school and hours of studying to prepare for the bar exam, the prospect of having to take it again is hard to swallow.  While it may be difficult, it is important […]


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