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What is Law School Really Like?

What is law school really like?  What is the admissions process really like?  Well, we got the LowDown (or the LawDown rather…) with Law School LowDown author Ian Scott. While making the decision to go to law school may be easy, the process of getting into law school and getting through law school is not […]


How Much Can I Save in Renting Versus Buying My Law School Books!?

Recently students have asked FindMyLawTutor.com should I rent or buy my law school books?       Law school can certainly be expensive and this is a valid question.  Students can run up bills in the hundreds of thousands of dollars very quickly and students should keep costs down as much as possible while they […]


First Legal Job? Go “Beyond Doc Review”

FindMyLawTutor.com was recently invited to attend the “Beyond Doc Review” discussion by famed criminal defense attorney, Louis Shapiro.  Mr. Shapiro is a dynamic criminal law attorney in Los Angeles and has represented numerous clients in cases ranging from DUI to more serious offenses such as child molestation, kidnapping, sexual assault, and homicide.  Most recently, Mr. […]


Should LSAT Tutors Be Allowed to Take the LSAT?

As the LSAT registration closes in three weeks for the October 2015 LSAT Exam FindMyLawTutor wonders: who can take the LSAT?  We received one guest submission and wanted to pose this question to our readers. (portions and names have been redacted)   Do you think that LSAT Tutors should be allowed to sit for the […]


Waiting for Bar Exam Results? Be a Wedding MC!

Congratulations to everyone who took bar exams the last couple weeks!!!  Now you’re waiting for your bar exam results (not fun).  And you’re reading this article and I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking – did I just read that right?  I just took the worst test of my life and the headline for this […]


Last Week of Bar Prep? Things to Do!

Do Bar Exam Flow Charts For the last week of bar preparation it is helpful to make large diagrams and flow charts.  If you are a visual learner flow charts can help you remember the legal analysis steps in a simple manner.  Flow charts are a great way to take complex legal issues and simplify […]


Litigation versus Transaction Law

Several years ago a friend of mine whose practice focused on corporate transactions was considering 2 candidates for 1 associate position. He knew both candidates well as he worked with each of them at a previous firm.   They were in the same class and had an equal amount of experience. Candidate #1 had a big […]


Creating a Specialized Law Career

  Child custody cases are traditionally viewed as fairly routine, and even mundane. Historically, the mother received custody. The father received visitation and was required to pay child support. It was the unusual case where the father received custody. It was just as unusual for family courts to provide much help to the father if […]


Graduated from Law School? Make sure you “Add” all your Law School Classmates!

Maybe you felt like your classmates were competitive and they bragged about their grades. Maybe you didn’t make Law Review and you had an embarrassing Moot Court experience. Maybe you just didn’t like law school. Maybe you are glad that law school is over and you don’t want to keep in contact with anyone from […]


Last Minute Study Tips for the LSAT

LSAT Exam Preparation

If you’ve been preparing for the LSAT, you’re probably tired, overloaded and ready for a rest. But with the next test date right around the corner, now is not the time to quit studying. In fact, now is the exact time to re-focus, re-load and re-invest in some last-minute LSAT study tips: Take a timed […]


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