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Effective Time Management for Law Students

No doubt many of you Time management is a skill which often eludes students.  Many students are masters of procrastination, waiting to the last minute to complete research papers or study for exams.  In other instances, particularly on the graduate level, students become so overwhelmed with the massive daily workload of class preparation, they find […]


Some Options for California Bar Review Courses

There are several different review courses available to help prepare for the California Bar Exam.  While some courses are comprehensive others focus only on the essay portion of the exam or only on the multistate portion of the exam.  Still other programs are designed for those taking the California Baby Bar or for those repeating […]


Blueprint LSAT Preparation: A Review

Blueprint LSAT Preparation is a relatively new face in the LSAT preparation world.  Established in 2005 by veteran LSAT instructors Trent Teti, Matt Riley and Jodi Triplett, Blueprint’s mission was to challenge the established LSAT prep schools by making the process more engaging.  The result is an LSAT prep program that combines high-quality materials, delivered […]


Beyond Doc Review by Louis Shapiro

FindMyLawTutor was recently invited to attend the “Beyond Doc Review” discussion by famed criminal defense attorney, Louis Shapiro.  Mr. Shapiro is a dynamic criminal law attorney in Los Angeles and has represented numerous clients in cases ranging from DUI to more serious offenses such as child molestation, kidnapping, sexual assault, and homicide.  Most recently, Mr. […]


BarMax: A Review

With the proliferation of smart phones and tablets, more and more companies are developing apps to help students prepare for standardized exams including the Bar exam. One such company is California based BarMax.  Founded by Harvard Law School alumni and iOS developers, BarMax is a comprehensive bar review tool available as an application for the […]


Balancing Academics with Your Job Search

Even in the best of economic times (the roaring 90s), finding your ideal summer legal job or permanent legal job is challenging.  With the current economy traditional legal summer and permanent jobs are less plentiful and the job-hunting atmosphere much more competitive.  The result is that searching for a job can consume more and more […]


Bad Experiences Do Not = Failing the Bar

Part II I was crushed.  I had just failed the bar exam.  However, I had to mentally prepare for taking the bar a second time in February.  I started to study for the exam again and the best way I can describe my mental state was “I was a mess.”  Every time I missed a […]


What You Can Do to Prevent Being on Law School Academic Probation

Last year, in May of 2014, FindMyLawTutor.com was fortunate enough to meet the talented and charismatic Jessica Deller, then a third year at Western State Law School who worked as a Dean’s Fellow for the 1st and 2nd year law students who were on academic probation. .   We were able to conduct an interview […]


Amal Alamuddin: Her Rise as a Top Notch Attorney

While many of us may not have heard of 36-year old Amal Alamuddin until she recently became engaged to actor George Clooney,  Alamuddin has  long made a name for herself as a top human rights lawyer.  Born in Lebanon and raised in England, Alamuddin is an honors graduate from St. Hugh’s College at Oxford University.  […]


Title: Does Everyone Really Need to Prepare for the LSAT?

If there’s one thing I can promise you about the Litigious Quest you’re embarking upon, it’s this: When you walk into Your Dream Law School on Day 1, there’s going to be some guy there who claims he didn’t even prep for the LSAT. You’ll know him by the snooty lilt to his voice. (He’ll […]


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