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Should You Get a Law Tutor? 5 Reasons Point to Yes

Law school students tend to share a misconception about tutors. They generally believe that law tutors are for other students–specifically, those who have fallen behind or don’t possess the academic chops to succeed on their own. The truth is, hiring a law tutor makes a lot of sense for a lot of students. Here’s why: […]


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Law School Exam Prep: Stay Organized!

Law school exams. Hard? Yes. Impossible? Ye…. No. Not impossible. Why? Because you’ve studied hard and covered all possible questions in your exam prep, obviously! But even if you haven’t – and I’m sure we all fall into this category – there is a more important factor to acing law school exams than studying all […]


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Top Undergrad Degrees for Future Lawyers

Because of the diversity of the field of law, you as a student are faced with an array of choices when deciding which undergraduate degree you wish to pursue. While choosing the right one is important, good grades and LSAT scores are also vital  A law tutor is a great resource to help you decide […]



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