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How to Keep Your Sanity During Law School

Therapy dogs. That’s what law school has come to. The same beautiful and bucolic creatures used to comfort people in hospitals—people fighting for their very survival—are now being brought into law schools to comfort … students? It’s true; law schools across the country are doing everything they can to help students manage stress, anxiety and […]


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Job Hunting Tips for 3Ls

There was a time when jobs were plentiful. Go to law school, do well, send out resumes and … you’re hired. Times have changed. Today, finding a place to work takes, well, work. You still need a killer resume and cover letter, but you also need a strategy that leverages allies, intelligence and the ability […]


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New (Academic) Year’s Resolutions for Law School Students

Happy new year! No, it’s not January 1st. It’s September, which means another new academic year is under way at law schools across the country. Every new year is an opportunity for a fresh start, to reinvent yourself, to do better. So even though the calendar hasn’t flipped to 2014, yet, you should make some […]


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What You Need to Do If You Fail the Bar Exam

The bar exam. It’s the last roadblock between you and your goal of becoming a practicing attorney. You study. You spend a lot of money and time on BARBRI. You pay the registration fee, show up and take the test. And then you fail. What now? As shocking as it might seem, you’re not alone. […]


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Is Going to a New Law School Worth It?

Falling employment rates for graduates. Soaring tuition costs. Impractical curricula that leave students ill-prepared to succeed in the real world. These are just a few of the recent criticisms of law schools. Across the country, a relative handful of disgruntled former law school students are screaming, “Don’t do it! Don’t go to law school. It’s […]


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The 5 Most Important People You’ll Meet in Law School

You’re going to meet a lot of people during your time in law school. Some will inspire you while others will make you wish you’d never taken the LSAT. Some will play an important role in shaping your future, others will tell you they’re important without ever taking the time to remember your first name. […]


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Elder Law: It’s Not Just for Seniors Anymore

When you think about a career in elder law, what images come to mind?  Do you envision yourself sifting through Medicaid’s endless bureaucracy? Or maybe you see yourself quietly chatting with grief-stricken adult children of dying nursing home residents. You probably don’t see yourself testifying before Congress, shaping laws and making headlines by uncovering egregious […]


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Why Your 1L Grades Might Not Have Been Up to Your Expectations

If you’re among the myriad law school students who are disappointed in your 1L grades, you’re likely considering your options right now, as your 2L year draws near.  Some of you will accept the status quo and eek out a J.D., some will quit, and some will turn things around finish near the top of […]


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Why You Need a Law School Tutor

Law school is an enormous investment. By the time you graduate, you’ll have spent hundreds of hours studying, tens of thousands of dollars on tuition and countless nights lying awake hoping you finish in the top 10 percent of your class. If your investment pays off, you’ll land a good job with a good firm. […]


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3 Reasons You Should Stop By Your Law School This Summer

It’s official: summertime has arrived.  Some of you have externships. Some of you are volunteering. Some of you are studying abroad. And some of you are relaxing after a stressful year. All of you should make some time to stop by your law school this summer. Here’s why: It’s a great time to get to […]


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