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The Importance of Reading ALL of the Cases in Law School

There isn’t another experience in the world that compares to law school. The professors can be brutal. There are no right answers. And the smartest students don’t always finish at the top. That’s why it’s incredibly important to do all the assigned reading.   The Socratic Method Want to be embarrassed in class? Don’t do […]


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Law School Students and the People Who Love Them

Everyone knows that law school takes a toll on students. The endless reading and studying. The professors who relish making students squirm. The pressure to get good grades. Together, they create a very stressful experience for law students. But what about the people who love law school students? What about the boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands […]


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Transferring Law Schools: The Nuts and Bolts

I always dreamed of going to Georgetown Law School, but after a robustly mediocre performance at U.C. Berkeley, it wasn’t going to happen (I was so happy that I got into Cal in the first place that I didn’t bother doing much heavy-lifting once I got there). My LSAT scores were certainly no help and […]


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5 Crucial Tips for Future Lawyers

No matter what happens, don’t lose sight of YOU. Throughout the entire process of Law School, specifically the stress that comes from exams and seemingly endless hours of study, remember why you chose this career path to begin with. Don’t become so rattled by the demands of your professors and coursework that you forget to […]


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The Pros of Being a Lawyer

There’s no doubt about it; being a lawyer is hard work. From interpreting laws, advising and representing clients to conducting research and going into “battle” (the courtroom), it requires tenacity, patience and, above all, dedication. The law field certainly is not for everyone, but there are many perks that come along with being a lawyer. […]


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