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Why Hiring a Law Tutor is a Good Idea

The aspiring lawyer has three major occasions on which they will want to think about hiring a law tutor: studying for the Law School Aptitude Test; during law school itself; and when studying to take the bar examination. Why is it a good idea to hire law tutors in any of these circumstances? There are […]


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Pros and Cons of Studying at a Coffee Shop

If you are in law school, you need as much study time as you can possibly get. Many times, you are not able to weasel out a private place to concentrate. The next best solution is the place in which you often find comfort, the local coffee shop. However, there are definitely some pros and […]


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Is it better to go to a better Law School and get a lower GPA or get a higher GPA at a lower ranking Law School?

Applying to law schools can be a daunting task. However, the bigger challenge can be deciding which law school to attend. Choosing the right law school makes it much easier to find employment and eventually have a very successful career. Many people struggle between choosing a high ranked school and a lower ranked school because […]


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How To Become a Law Tutor

Working as a law tutor is an excellent part-time job opportunity for law students and recent law school graduates. Many students seek the assistance of law tutors in preparing to take the Law School Admission Test. The LSAT is the standardized test universally required for admission to ABA certified law schools. Law school tutoring work […]


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