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Why You Should Consider Intellectual Property Law

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a trademark could be worth several hundred thousand dollars a year–for the intellectual property attorney who represents the company that owns the mark. In today’s world, where ideas and information represent the new commodities, intellectual property law is an emerging area of law that puts you on […]


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How to Keep Your Sanity During Law School

Therapy dogs. That’s what law school has come to. The same beautiful and bucolic creatures used to comfort people in hospitals—people fighting for their very survival—are now being brought into law schools to comfort … students? It’s true; law schools across the country are doing everything they can to help students manage stress, anxiety and […]


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Why You Need a Law School Tutor

Law school is an enormous investment. By the time you graduate, you’ll have spent hundreds of hours studying, tens of thousands of dollars on tuition and countless nights lying awake hoping you finish in the top 10 percent of your class. If your investment pays off, you’ll land a good job with a good firm. […]


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Choose a Law School That Caters to Your Learning Style

The decision has been made: You’re going to law school. You’ve got the drive and intelligence to succeed. Now you need to make a smart choice. When it comes to deciding which law school to attend, there are a lot of factors to consider–ranking, prestige, location and cost, for example. These are all important considerations […]


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Law School Tip: What You Need to Remember When Choosing Classes

Torts or Taxation? Elder Law or Estates? Which law school classes are the right classes to take? These are the questions you’ll ask yourself during law school. The right path depends on your interests, goals and even which professors you’re trying to avoid (every law school has a couple curmudgeonly professors, right?). But there are some […]


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Law School Students and the People Who Love Them

Everyone knows that law school takes a toll on students. The endless reading and studying. The professors who relish making students squirm. The pressure to get good grades. Together, they create a very stressful experience for law students. But what about the people who love law school students? What about the boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands […]


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How to Network in Law School for Introverts

Talk to any lawyer and they’ll tell you that there are two things every law school student needs to do to ensure they have a job after graduation: Finish in the top percent of your class and network.  Doing well in law school is everyone’s goal. You wouldn’t be there if you hadn’t already proven […]



Transferring Law Schools: The Nuts and Bolts

I always dreamed of going to Georgetown Law School, but after a robustly mediocre performance at U.C. Berkeley, it wasn’t going to happen (I was so happy that I got into Cal in the first place that I didn’t bother doing much heavy-lifting once I got there). My LSAT scores were certainly no help and […]


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How I Got to Six Figures as a Lawyer Fast… Without Being a Gunner

I’m living the dream. I’m a litigator at law firm you know about – one of those referred to as “Big Law.” Yeah, I got that six-figure job right out of school. But here’s the thing that might surprise you: I didn’t go to a top-tier law school. Nope. It wasn’t even on the East […]


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A Guide to the Baby Bar Exam

The California First year Law Student exam, or the “Baby Bar Exam,” is an extremely difficult test that will not only put your knowledge as a law student to the test, but also your preparedness and readiness. Although the average passing rate over the last decade is 23%, it is a passable test IF you […]



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