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Are You The _____ Law School Student?

Ask any law school professor and he or she will tell you that every cohort they see includes five distinct types of students. None is particularly better than the other, but understanding where you fit in can help you work more successfully with others in your section. Here’s a look at the five types of […]


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LSAT Countdown: the Final Push

Don’t you just love February? The days get warmer, the sun stays out a little longer and Valentine’s Day gives you a chance to spend 24 hours fawning over your special someone–unless you’re studying for the February LSAT. If you’re registered to take the LSAT this February, you probably haven’t noticed the days getting warmer and longer, […]


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Studying Law and Being Able to Recall – Techniques That Work

Fact and figures. Dates and decisions. Statutes and stare decisis. During exams, it can be difficult to pull the right information out of your brain at just the right time. Which is why having a “recall strategy” in place as early in the semester as possible is critically important to doing well when exams roll […]


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The 5 Most Important People You’ll Meet in Law School

You’re going to meet a lot of people during your time in law school. Some will inspire you while others will make you wish you’d never taken the LSAT. Some will play an important role in shaping your future, others will tell you they’re important without ever taking the time to remember your first name. […]


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More Law Firms Are Expanding Overseas

A large portion of law firms are considering taking their work overseas (if they haven’t done so already) as a way of reducing overheads. In fact, it is estimated that by the year 2015, more than 20 percent of law firms will transport their staff overseas in a bid to save billions of dollars each […]



The Highest Paying Legal Professions

If you’re studying for a law degree, aspire to be a lawyer or are a, take a look at the highest paying legal professions to get some ideas for your future legal career. Trial Lawyers Many trial lawyers are among the world’s highest paid professionals. Trial lawyers typically pursue millions in legal claims and damages […]


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Pros and Cons of Studying at a Coffee Shop

If you are in law school, you need as much study time as you can possibly get. Many times, you are not able to weasel out a private place to concentrate. The next best solution is the place in which you often find comfort, the local coffee shop. However, there are definitely some pros and […]


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5 Crucial Tips for Future Lawyers

No matter what happens, don’t lose sight of YOU. Throughout the entire process of Law School, specifically the stress that comes from exams and seemingly endless hours of study, remember why you chose this career path to begin with. Don’t become so rattled by the demands of your professors and coursework that you forget to […]


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