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3 Reasons You Should Stop By Your Law School This Summer

It’s official: summertime has arrived. 

Some of you have externships. Some of you are volunteering. Some of you are studying abroad. And some of you are relaxing after a stressful year.

All of you should make some time to stop by your law school this summer. Here’s why:

It’s a great time to get to know your professors

Sure, some of your professors take summers off and some teach overseas. But many stick around campus to conduct research and write.

If you want to build relationships with your professors, which is a good thing to do, stop by campus during the week and stop by their offices. They’ll have more time to talk to you, give advice and get to know you. It will go a long way toward helping you out in your classes next year–and it could lead to a fellowship, research assistant position or full-time job after graduation.

The support staff can see you now

Every law school’s office of career and professional development is swamped during the school year. But things calm down quite a bit during the summer months because there are fewer students around looking for advice, connections and feedback on their resumes.

Stop by your school’s office between sometime in the next month-and-a-half and you’ll likely get some quality one-on-one time, which can be invaluable when it comes to gaining an edge on the competition for jobs.

The world is run by people who show up

Even if you don’t intend to meet with professors or talk resume with a career counselor, you should still stop by campus because you never know who you might meet and what opportunities they may provide.

A lot of important and powerful alumni can be found roaming the halls of your law school during the summer months. Some are there for for board meetings. Some are serving on committees. Some are stopping by to meet with professors.

If you’re on campus, you can say hello to them, ask questions and just have them see your face. All of which will help should you ever interview with them.


About the Author

Sumita Dalal is the Founder and CEO of FindMyLawTutor, the largest and most trusted website and online portal that connects law students with law tutors for success in law school. Whether preparing for the LSAT, are currently a law student or are studying for the bar exam, FindMyLawTutor makes finding a law school tutor fast and easy.

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