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3 Tips to Help You on Your Journey to Becoming an Attorney

To many students reaching the goal of becoming a successful, practicing attorney may sometimes seem like an unattainable dream.  The challenges seem never-ending.  First you must take the LSAT.  Then 3 years of law school exams ensue.  And soon after you celebrate receiving your J.D., you must sit for the bar exam.  On the other hand, many embarking on the journey to becoming an attorney do not completely understand what the journey is all about, and are shocked as to just how different law school is from college.


While the challenges are not insurmountable, they certainly should not be taken lightly.  The path to success before, during, and after law school is demanding. However, there are a few general principles that all students working to become attorneys should understand and use.  These principles will help set the groundwork for success at every stage of the road that will lead to a career in law.


  1. It is the rare student who is able to do well on the LSAT, get into his or her law school of choice, “ace” law school exams, get the dream summer internship, pass the bar exam, and land a great law job without careful planning.  The LSAT, law school exams, and the bar exam are all tests that are unlike the SAT, college exams, or any other type of exam.  The type of preparation for each is unique.  Thus, it is important for all students, whether you are preparing to take the LSAT, are already in law school, or are gearing up for the bar exam, to adequately prepare.  You need to understand each type of exam and what type of preparation is required for each.  Fortunately, there  is a massive amount of resources available to help.  There are both live and online prep classes for both the LSAT and the bar exam.  There are also books and DVDs.  Tutors are available to help you prepare through one-on-one coaching as well as group sessions.  For law school classes, there are several publishers that offer course outlines, case summaries, and practice exams.  Tutors are also available to help you with specific problems such as outlining or test-taking strategies.

Furthermore, you will find that if you apply the principle of planning to other law career challenges such as applying to law school or finding a summer internship, then your chances of success will greatly increase.


  1. Law school requires you to focus and work from the first day of each semester to the last day.  Many law students are shocked when they figure out that unlike some college classes, successful law students do not “cram” a few days prior to the final exam.  There is simply too much material with too many details.  Furthermore, the final exam is the only thing on which your grade will be based, so it is unwise to wait to the last minute to study.Similarly, in preparing to take the LSAT or a bar exam students must begin preparation months in advance and work steadily throughout the preparation period in order to do as well as possible.


  1. Seek help. The road to becoming an attorney is not one that you should walk alone.  Successful students will take advantage of available resources to help ensure success.  One successful lawyer recently spoke fondly of the mentor that he consulted as he prepared to apply to law school.  He credits the mentor as being crucial to his getting admitted to one of the country’s top law schools.  Other resources include study groups, prep courses, commercial study guides, professors, classmates, and friends who are lawyers.  One of the biggest mistakes that you can make as you embark on your law career is to think that you can do it all without any help.


Of course, there are many nuances to each part of your training to become a lawyer that you must master in order to be successful.  However, you will have a much easier time mastering the daily grind of your training to become a lawyer if you first understand and apply these big picture tips.


This article was written by FindMyLawTutor.

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