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5 Options for California Bar Review Courses

There are several different review courses available to help prepare for the California Bar Exam. While some courses are comprehensive others focus only on the essay portion of the exam or only on the multistate portion of the exam. Still other programs are designed for those taking the California Baby Bar or for those repeating the Bar Exam. Here are 5 program options you may or may not know about!

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  1. Adaptibar. Provides prep courses and materials for the MBE only. Adaptibar has a database of thousands of real MBE questions along with detailed explanations written by legal experts. Adaptibar is a self-study program. It offers 5 different courses that range in price from $395-$15. Options include a comprehensive program for the MBE, a Baby Bar program, flashcards, and online video lectures.

  2. AmeriBar Bar Review. AmeriBar offers a comprehensive online bar review course for a number of jurisdictions, including California. The program includes the California Essay Master Course, the Multistate Bar Exam Course, and the Performance Test Course. Altogether there are over 60 hours of audio lectures as well as outlines. The price of this comprehensive course is $1295. In addition, AmeriBar offers one-on-one tutoring. All of Ameribar’s tutors are experts on the California Bar Exam as well as law professors or practicing attorneys.

  3. Bar Made Easy. Bar Made Easy offers a prep course for those preparing for the California Baby Bar exam. The price of the course is $3,150. Bar Made Easy’s Baby Bar Course focuses on ensuring that students know how to apply substantive law to multistate and essay questions. The course includes not only checklists and outlines, but also 28 hours of one-on-one tutoring.

  4. California Bar Repeaters Resource. The California bar exam has one of the lowest pass rates in the country. For that reason there are resources available to specifically coach those who have already taken the California bar at least one time. The approach of California Bar Repeaters Resource is to focus on the student’s problem areas based on the results of the previous exam.

  5. Open Book Bar Prep. Located in Los Angeles, Open Book Bar Prep prepares students both for the California Bar Exam and for the California Baby Bar. Open Book Bar Prep prepares students for the bar exam from the point of the view of bar graders. In other words, it teaches students how to respond to bar review questions in terms familiar to bar graders. Open Book provides one-on-one tutoring as well as live lectures. The complete bar review class includes live lectures, outlines, a MBE workshop, an essay writing workshop, Performance Test workshop, graded practice assignments, a guided study schedule and course materials. The cost is $4,999.

All class prices are as of 2015.

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