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Are You The _____ Law School Student?

Ask any law school professor and he or she will tell you that every cohort they see includes five distinct types of students. None is particularly better than the other, but understanding where you fit in can help you work more successfully with others in your section.

Here’s a look at the five types of students who can be found in every law school:

The Gunner
Gunners are easily recognizable by their flailing arms and proximity to anyone with perceived power. In the classroom, they sit in the front row, as close to the professor as humanly possible. Their hands are always flying in the air (and putting their classmates’ eyes in serious jeopardy of being poked) in an effort to answer every question, every time. They are the students who will stop at nothing to graduate with high distinction—nothing—which means they’ll throw you under the bus quicker than you can say statutory interpretation.

The Braggart
You can see the braggart coming from a mile away. He’s a campus peacock, strutting around looking for someone to tell about their last great accomplishment—on an exam, in a clinic or in the library. They can actually be useful to their classmates, because they’re all too willing to share every detail about their latest conquests—which means you might be able to find some helpful law review articles you hadn’t previously seen.

The Quiet Winners
They don’t say much and you hardly notice them. But when merit-based scholarships and clerkships are awarded, they always seem to get them. They are the quiet winners—the people who quietly work hard, make friends, help people and succeed. Get to know them now and you might have professional allies for life.

The Shadow
Much like the Quiet Winners, Shadows are rarely seen. Then, out of nowhere, they show up for the exam and kill it. Most of these students go part time. Some are uber-talented and don’t necessarily need to make a scene in every class. They often have extensive connections in the profession. But who knows? They are hard to track down.

The Everystudent
Everyone else falls into this category. Basically indistinguishable, seemingly unremarkable. However, these are the roll-up-your-sleeves, work-a-day students who will likely be your best professional contacts in the real world. Because they are the majority of students in law school, they are the majority in the professional world too.

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