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What Does the LSAT Have To Do With Being a Lawyer?

This article is especially helpful for all those who need to register for the LSAT this October to be able to sit for the December 2, 2017 LSAT! Every lawyer needs to know two things: The law and how to think like a lawyer.  While law school may be the beginning of learning the law, […]


Tips and Resources for Repeating the Bar Exam

Learning that you have failed the bar exam is disappointing and frustrating.   The last thing that you want to do is take the bar exam again.  You do not even want to think about.  However, once reality sets in you know that if you are to have a career practicing law you must take the […]


The Second Time Around: 9 Tips for Retaking the Bar

Learning that you did not pass the bar exam is one of the more discouraging moments of your career.  After three years of law school and hours of studying to prepare for the bar exam, the prospect of having to take it again is hard to swallow.  While it may be difficult, it is important […]


The Law School Curve: Understanding the Grading Policy

Most law schools grade on a “curve.”  This means that the grades that students earn on law school exams are adjusted in some mathematical manner to achieve the desired grade distribution.   With a grade curve system there is a permitted range of each letter grade that the professor will award for each exam or paper.   […]


The Bar Exam Waiting Game

While studying for and taking the bar exam are extremely stressful, waiting for bar exam results also brings significant anxiety for many test takers.  Instead of anxiously staring at the calendar, waiting for results day to arrive, seek to spend your time on productive endeavors that will also force you to focus your attention elsewhere.  […]


The Baby Bar Some Helpful Tips

If you attend a law school that is not accredited by the American Bar Association, after your first year of law school you will have to take the First-Year Law Students’ Examination commonly referred to as the “Baby Bar.”  In order to get credit for your law school course work, you must pass the Baby […]


Six Tips for Balancing Law School and Family

Law school is a challenging experience. When a student has a spouse or children, the challenge is even greater.  However, with careful planning, law students with families can successfully balance both family and school.  Here are 6 tips to help you achieve balance. Prepare the family. To minimize the impact on your family, before classes […]


Review of Law School Lowdown

While making the decision to go to law school may be easy, the process of getting into law school and getting through law school is not so easy.  In fact, the law school admissions process is daunting and in many ways mysterious.  In his new book, Law School Lowdown, author Ian E. Scott, a graduate […]


Preparing for the Spring Semester

You are in the midst of a much-needed break from case books, the Socratic method, and study groups.  It is hard to think about preparing for the inevitable return to the grind of law school.  However, in the midst of sipping eggnog, caroling, opening gifts, and traveling the holiday party circuit, take some time to […]


Novins Law Prep

Novins Law Prep provides coaching and test preparation for all law related tests, including the bar exam, LSAT and law school courses.  While it is based in New York, Novins Law Prep offers tutoring services for the bar exams for all fifty states.  Novins Law Prep was established by Drew Novins, a graduate of Georgetown […]


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