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Preparing for Law School Midterms

Midterm Law Exams

Midterms, those inconvenient tests so common during your undergraduate years are a relatively new phenomenon in legal education–but they’re spreading quickly at law schools across the country. These days, it seems like every law school is eschewing the end-of-the-semester exam as the only measuring stick of student knowledge in favor of midterm exams. Hence, it’s […]


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Last Minute Bar Exam Prep

Bar Exam Preparation

Well, this is it. You are about to take the bar exam, the one thing standing between you and your dream of practicing law. You did everything you could during law school, hired a tutor to help you prepare and stuck to a rigid study schedule over the past month. Now, you’ve got one night […]


What You Can Do to Keep Your Study Motivation

Law School Examination Preparation

Law school is tough. Taking the Bar is Tough! No matter what some may say, it is simply not possible to succeed in law school without focus and hard work. In order to remain focused on the daunting task of keeping up with hundreds and hundreds of pages of caselaw and understanding numerous complicated legal […]


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