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After Law School: Preparing Your Resume

You can network until you know every hiring manager in town. You can make countless connections on LinkedIn. You can secure a legal residency with the law firm of your dreams. You can impress all the partners so much that they are falling all over themselves to hire you. Despite all of the above, you […]


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Increasing Your Productivity in Law School

Law School Productivity

Law school is intense, rigorous and demanding. It requires maximum effort at all hours of the day. So you’ve got to be blade-sharp to succeed. Why do you feel like taking a nap? While it’s true that productivity is the key to success in law school, it’s also true that running like Carl Lewis toward […]



Being Productive While Waiting on Law Schools

Law School Students And Tutoring

Tom Petty sang about the waiting being the hardest part. He must have applied to law school. The process of applying to law school can be long, hard and exhilarating. But once all of your applications have been submitted, it can also be incredibly boring. You wait, check your online application status website and wait […]


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