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Bad Bar Experiences Do Not = Failing the Bar

Part I

Congratulations bar exam takers.  The end is coming near!  Just mere days before you take the bar exam!

After the test some of you will walk out and think, “I aced the exam!”  Many others with think, “That was the worst experience of my life, I just failed the bar exam!”   However, take it from me sometimes the worst bar exam experiences can yield the best result.  Believe me, I know from first-hand experience…..

The first time I took the bar exam was the July bar exam.  I was fresh out of law school, calm, cool, and  collected.  I took BarBri with my classmates and took PMBR for the MBE.  I arrived everyday to study and was confident that I was going to pass the bar exam on my first attempt.  I was always a diligent, studious worker.  I also always practiced all the exams that I was told to do.  I practiced my MBEs and made so many outlines I think I sacrificed many small trees for my studies.  Although I was scoring a little low on my MBEs I figured I was ready.  I had practiced so much how could I fail?

Throughout my first time taking the bar exam I was calm and collected.  I finished the bar exam within the time frames.  I slept throughout the night.  I ate.  I joked with friends.  I went to dinner.  It was all in all a good experience.  After the bar exam all my friends and I had a drink and I felt comfortable about my performance.  When I went on vacation right after the bar I woke up from a dream on the airplane.  In the dream I had passed the bar exam.  It was a good omen.

When the time came for checking my exam results I had a friend come into town for the weekend.  I wasn’t sure about her coming that weekend but I figured that if I passed it would be a good time to celebrate.  Boy was I wrong.  I checked the results only to learn that my name was not on the pass list.  It was crushing, and I cried all weekend (sorry Alicia).  I felt how could I fail when I had such a good experience?

How would I pass the test?  How would I build my confidence again? How would I pass?????

Please look out for our Second Posting:  Bad Bar Experiences Do Not = Failing the Bar Part II

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