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Bad Experiences Do Not = Failing the Bar Part II


Students here is the continuation of the article Bad Experiences Do Not Equal Failing the Bar Exam Part I.  Just remember for those of you taking the exam tomorrow that a bad bar experience doesn’t mean anything.  Just remember to continue and Good Luck!!!…….

I was crushed.  I had just failed the bar exam.  However, I had to mentally prepare for taking the bar a second time in February.  I started to study for the exam again and the best way I can describe my mental state was “I was a mess.”  Every time I missed a question or issue I mentally beat myself up.  I was afraid that I would fail the test again.  I scored low on the MBES when I began studying again but I forgot that I had to relearn the material.  My amazing study partner Matt and bar exam tutor reminded me that I would need to relearn the materials but that I would ultimately improve my scores.  And improve I did.  My studying was just as regimented as the first time I took the test but my second time experience taking the test was definitely not the same as the first.

When I sat for the bar exam in February it was one of the worst experiences of my life.  That Monday night before the exam I had had severe insomnia for the past week.  I took my Tylenol PM that Monday night right after watching some Super Nanny and hit the sack at 10 p.m. only to awaken at midnight that night.  What followed was a drug induced night of trying to get to sleep only to be reawakened by fear.  It was one of the worst nights of my life.  I had only gotten two hours of sleep!

I awoke that morning scared and in a panic.  I tearfully called my mom saying, “I can’t do this test, I’m going to fail!”  My mom assured me that everything was fine (thanks mom!) and I was going to pass.

Groggy and in a state of shock I started to get dressed.  After walking into the doorway because I was still drugged up on Tylenol PM I was able to get dressed and head off to the bar exam.

I still remember that morning.  It was essays.  As I worked through the essays I remember having to concentrate on keeping my mind straight and not answer in a drugged induced fashion.  It was terrible.  I only remember finally waking up to the test around noon.  Great – I had basically taken one sixth of the test drugged up.  After the first night I then did what no person should do taking the bar exam.  I asked what issues everyone had spotten and lo and behold I found out I missed some obvious issues.  How could I miss the UCC code for contracts I thought?  That was so obvious!

The rest of the test was a blur but waiting for the exams results was just as bad as the exam itself.  On the day of the exam I cried the whole day and was a wreck.  All I could think of was failing again.  But when I looked at that result I saw the best message I have ever gotten:  My name was on the pass list.

I know that each of you will have your own experience when taking the bar exam.  But just remember that bad experiences do not in and of themselves mean that you will fail the bar exam.  And to everyone taking the bar:  Good Luck from Everyone Here at FMLT!!!!


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