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Blueprint LSAT Preparation: A Review

Blueprint LSAT Preparation is a relatively new face in the LSAT preparation world.  Established in 2005 by veteran LSAT instructors Trent Teti, Matt Riley and Jodi Triplett, Blueprint’s mission was to challenge the established LSAT prep schools by making the process more engaging.  The result is an LSAT prep program that combines high-quality materials, delivered in fun and sometimes irreverent manner by top-notch instructors, encouraging students to remain connected throughout the learning process.

Blueprint classes are offered both live and online.  Live courses are available in 14 locations: Atlanta, Bay area, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Orange County, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Diego, Seattle, Texas and Washington, DC.  Blueprint’s live courses include 112 hours of classroom lecture, plus 24 hours of practice exams.  Instructors use real-life, contemporary examples to teach students how to successfully approach the complex LSAT questions.  Live instruction includes 16 lessons that focus on helping students to understand the LSAT question types and providing strategies for each question type.  Toward the end of the course, Blueprint offers 3 “clinics” that are designed to give students and additional edge by challenging them with advanced material for reading comprehension, logical reasoning, and logic games.  During the course students will take 6 proctored, full-length practice exams, ensuring that when test day arrives, students will be accustomed to real exam conditions.  Blueprint provides 5 course books that contain over 3000 pages of material from basic to advanced concepts, as well as test-taking strategies and practice exams.  The price of the live course is $1499.

Blueprint’s online course offers the same curriculum and materials as its classroom course. Following Blueprint’s philosophy of combining education with entertainment, Blueprint employed expert animators to work with LSAT instructors to create highly informative and highly entertaining animated videos for its online classes.  The 88 hours of video are available 24/7, allowing the student to control when he or she will view each segment.  In addition, Blueprint’s online program goes beyond offering just a series of videos.  It provides students with a custom learning experience with personalized practice problems, as well as individual homework and practice exam tracking and analysis.   Online students will also be able to connect with other students via Twitter and have email access to Blueprint instructors.  The price of the online course is $850.

Blueprint has high caliber of instructors.  According to Blueprint, all of its instructors score at least a 170 on the actual LSAT exam. Each instructor receives intensive training from company founders.   And, Blueprint instructors are well-compensated.  Because Blueprint offers only a limited number of live classes compared to its competitors, it is able to limit its pool of instructors to only those who meet its high standards.

When you look past Blueprint’s quirky methods, you will find that Blueprint’s methods are effective.  Over the course of taking a Blueprint live class, students show an average 11 point score increase on practice exams.  Furthermore, 58.9% of students scored at least 160 on a practice course.

To determine if Blueprint is the right LSAT prep course for you, check out the videos on its website, which give a peek into what to expect from both live and online instruction.

Check out their website at:  http://www.blueprintlsat.com/!

Summer classes are starting on July 25th for the October LSAT!  PromoCode Summer100 to save $100 off their summer classroom course!!!  Please contact Blueprint for future details!

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