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Law School And Profession

What is Law School Really Like?

What is law school really like?  What is the admissions process really like?  Well, we got the LowDown (or the LawDown rather…) with Law School LowDown author Ian Scott. While making the decision to go to law school may be easy, the process of getting into law school and getting through law school is not […]


Graduated from Law School? Make sure you “Add” all your Law School Classmates!

Maybe you felt like your classmates were competitive and they bragged about their grades. Maybe you didn’t make Law Review and you had an embarrassing Moot Court experience. Maybe you just didn’t like law school. Maybe you are glad that law school is over and you don’t want to keep in contact with anyone from […]


The Top 10 Legal Shows on Television

Televisions Shows of Law

Sometimes your mind needs a little break from law school. Sometimes you just want to crash on the couch and enjoy a little mindless entertainment. Now might be one of those times. If you need to tune in and zone out, here are the top 10 television shows that focus on legal issues–and will help you […]


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After Law School: Preparing Your Resume

You can network until you know every hiring manager in town. You can make countless connections on LinkedIn. You can secure a legal residency with the law firm of your dreams. You can impress all the partners so much that they are falling all over themselves to hire you. Despite all of the above, you […]


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Dress the Part for Your Job Interview

Law Job Interview Dress

If networking shows you where the proverbial door is and your resume gets your foot in it, the interview is where you get to walk through it and secure a permanent seat at the table. In other words, it’s the final part of the job-seeking process, and how you handle it will determine your success. […]


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Acing the Law Internship Interview

Pass the Law Internship Interview

Your law internship can either transform or torpedo your career. Nail it and you have the opportunity to gain tons of practical, real-world experience and maybe even long term employment. Fail it and you might never be able to work for the firm. A lot of law school students think they can strut into the […]


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Television’s Top Lawyers

Top Lawyers On Television

Their cases are dramatic and make headlines. Their lives are glamorous and flawed. They deliver closing arguments with laser-like precision. They are television lawyers. And although they are fictional characters, many have inspired countless others to pursue the degree that is the ticket into the profession. Here’s a look at the best of the best–and […]


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Amal Alamuddin: Her Rise as a Top Notch Attorney

Law Career of Amal Alamuddin

While many of us may not have heard of 36-year old Amal Alamuddin until she recently became engaged to actor George Clooney, Alamuddin has long made a name for herself as a top human rights lawyer. Born in Lebanon and raised in England, Alamuddin is an honors graduate from St. Hugh’s College at Oxford University. […]


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Succeeding In Law School, As Told By Former Law Students

law School Studies Pattern

There’s a lot of advice floating around on websites and blogs about how to succeed as a 1L. Some of it is good, some of it is bad, and some of it is just downright ugly. Much of it was written by professors, admissions counselors, and disgruntled students or unemployed law school graduates. It can […]


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With the proliferation of smart phones and tablets, more and more companies are developing apps to help students prepare for standardized exams including the Bar exam. One such company is California based BarMax. Founded by Harvard Law School alumni and iOS developers, BarMax is a comprehensive bar review tool available as an application for the […]


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