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Law School Students

How to Take Great Law School Lecture Notes

Law School Notes

Taking great lecture notes is one part science, one part art, and one part effort. You’ve got to know how to best structure them so you can use them to prepare for the exam which is often months away. You’ve got to know how to identify the information that is most important to your professor, […]


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How Much Can I Save in Renting Versus Buying My Law School Books!?

Recently students have asked FindMyLawTutor.com should I rent or buy my law school books?       Law school can certainly be expensive and this is a valid question.  Students can run up bills in the hundreds of thousands of dollars very quickly and students should keep costs down as much as possible while they […]


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Graduated from Law School? Make sure you “Add” all your Law School Classmates!

Maybe you felt like your classmates were competitive and they bragged about their grades. Maybe you didn’t make Law Review and you had an embarrassing Moot Court experience. Maybe you just didn’t like law school. Maybe you are glad that law school is over and you don’t want to keep in contact with anyone from […]


Last Minute Study Tips for the LSAT

LSAT Exam Preparation

If you’ve been preparing for the LSAT, you’re probably tired, overloaded and ready for a rest. But with the next test date right around the corner, now is not the time to quit studying. In fact, now is the exact time to re-focus, re-load and re-invest in some last-minute LSAT study tips: Take a timed […]


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Rebuilding Your Motivation in Law School

Motivation In Law School

It has been said that law school is a marathon, not a sprint. And like most people who have ever run a marathon, law school students eventually hit the proverbial wall. For marathoners, it happens sometime between miles 18 and 22. That’s when their legs begin to feel heavy, their mind begins to tell them […]


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Law School Applicants: It Pays to Be Well-Rounded

Law School Students And Profession

You know what it takes to get into the law school of your choice, right? It’s what you and your pre-law adviser have been working on: An impressive GPA Exceptional letters of recommendation A personal statement that will have admissions deans falling all over themselves to offer you admission A LSAT score that will help […]


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How to Get Through Lots of Boring Reading

Law School Course

If law school is known for anything, it’s known for making students endure a mind-numbing amount of boring reading. If you are tired of reading page after page of excruciatingly boring case law (and really, who isn’t?), check out these tips to help you get through a lot of painfully dry pages in a hurry: […]


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Increasing Your Productivity in Law School

Law School Productivity

Law school is intense, rigorous and demanding. It requires maximum effort at all hours of the day. So you’ve got to be blade-sharp to succeed. Why do you feel like taking a nap? While it’s true that productivity is the key to success in law school, it’s also true that running like Carl Lewis toward […]



Being Productive While Waiting on Law Schools

Law School Students And Tutoring

Tom Petty sang about the waiting being the hardest part. He must have applied to law school. The process of applying to law school can be long, hard and exhilarating. But once all of your applications have been submitted, it can also be incredibly boring. You wait, check your online application status website and wait […]


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Making Relationships Last Through Law School

Saturday, Feb. 14, is Valentine’s Day, when most people take some time to share something special with the ones they love. And then there are law school students.Law school students probably spend Valentine’s Day buried in case books, typing away as they create notes. No one else is around, except for classmates who compose their […]



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