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Top 10 Cities for Starting Your Legal Career: 1-5

Alright, here are the Top 5 cities for starting your legal career. Do you agree about #1? Share your comments and let me know what you think. 5. San Francisco, California San Francisco is known for its progressive spirit and cultural acceptance. It’s very eco-friendly – perfect for environmental lawyers – and is rich in […]


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5 Options for California Bar Review Courses

Online Law Courses for Bar Exam

There are several different review courses available to help prepare for the California Bar Exam. While some courses are comprehensive others focus only on the essay portion of the exam or only on the multistate portion of the exam. Still other programs are designed for those taking the California Baby Bar or for those repeating […]


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Why are Law School Applications at an All-Time Low?

Downfall in Law School Applications

By now, you have probably seen the headlines, blog posts and graffiti on the walls of your law school’s bathroom, and it all says the same thing. It all says that going to law school is a bad idea.There are no jobs, it says. Student loan debt will cripple you financially for years. No one […]


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How You Can Use Social Media to Get Into Your Target Law School

When you’re applying to law schools and finally identify your target school, you want to give yourself every advantage and leg up you possibly can. There are a lot of obvious ways to do that. In today’s online world, one way that many potential law students might not think of is to harness the power […]


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How to Find a Legal Internship During Law School

Legal Internships are a great way to bulk up your resume, network and gain valuable experience practicing law. Here’s a two-part check-list to help you land a great position. What You’ll Need Before you start introducing yourself to law firms,you need to prepare a few items. Resume After you’ve spent hours slaving over it and […]


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A Day in the Life of a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Trying to detail what I do every day as a criminal defense lawyer is like trying to predict what the weather will be like two weeks from now. It varies so much; but that’s what makes it exciting. I never know what the next week will be like. Now keep in mind that my job […]


Why Hiring a Law Tutor is a Good Idea

The aspiring lawyer has three major occasions on which they will want to think about hiring a law tutor: studying for the Law School Aptitude Test; during law school itself; and when studying to take the bar examination. Why is it a good idea to hire law tutors in any of these circumstances? There are […]


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Top 10 Apps for Law Students

I’ve always been a fan of apps for law lovers, and so I decided to list 10 of my favorites and give a brief rundown of each. There are so many out there though, so I’d be very interested to see which ones you recommend. Constitution for iPhone No law student should be caught without […]


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Pros and Cons of Studying at a Coffee Shop

If you are in law school, you need as much study time as you can possibly get. Many times, you are not able to weasel out a private place to concentrate. The next best solution is the place in which you often find comfort, the local coffee shop. However, there are definitely some pros and […]


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5 Crucial Tips for Future Lawyers

No matter what happens, don’t lose sight of YOU. Throughout the entire process of Law School, specifically the stress that comes from exams and seemingly endless hours of study, remember why you chose this career path to begin with. Don’t become so rattled by the demands of your professors and coursework that you forget to […]


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