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Cutting Costs During Law School

Law School Fees Deduction

If you believe the headlines, law school students are graduating with more debt than ever. And while this is certainly true for some students, others are doing just fine financially once they walk the stage at commencement. Some are choosing to go part time and work their way through law school. Others are reaping the […]


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Staying Sane While Under the Laws Thumb

You enrolled in law school with the understanding that it was a professional school. You’d attend class, study and someday join the ranks of proud and accomplished men and women making a nice living in a noble profession. You’d ride the law school love train all the way to the bank. No one told you […]


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Don’t Freak Out Over Finals, Hire a Law Tutor Instead

Final exams. A semester’s worth of cases, footnotes, dissents and decisions–and your final grade–all coming down to one final exam. Do you have a law tutor or are you freaking out? Stress and law school go hand in hand. In fact, a lot of old-school lawyers who cut their teeth on the Socratic method say […]


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How to Make the Most of Studying Law With a Disability

William DeParcq started practicing law in Minnesota in the 1930s and quickly made a name for himself as one of the finest personal injury attorneys in the country. By the time his career was over, he had changed the way the courts handled workers’ rights cases, made a name for himself representing injured railway workers, served […]


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Laws of Communication: How to Get the Most out of Your Law Tutor

When you invest in a law tutor, you want to maximize your return. You want assistance, reassurance and support. You want to know that when you have needs, your tutor will be there to help you. That means you need to step up and provide clear, concise, timely communication—and then agree up-front on outcomes. Here’s […]


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Should You Get a Law Tutor? 5 Reasons Point to Yes

Law school students tend to share a misconception about tutors. They generally believe that law tutors are for other students–specifically, those who have fallen behind or don’t possess the academic chops to succeed on their own. The truth is, hiring a law tutor makes a lot of sense for a lot of students. Here’s why: […]


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Why You Need a Law School Tutor

Law school is an enormous investment. By the time you graduate, you’ll have spent hundreds of hours studying, tens of thousands of dollars on tuition and countless nights lying awake hoping you finish in the top 10 percent of your class. If your investment pays off, you’ll land a good job with a good firm. […]


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How to Get Off the Law School Wait List and Get Accepted

The wait list. It’s the law school equivalent of purgatory–you’re not in, but you’re not going somewhere else either. Being wait-listed by a law school can be frustrating. It can seemingly put your future on hold, make you second-guess yourself, and even make you feel helpless. But don’t worry… You’re not. Here are three actions […]


What to Look for in a Law School Tutor

What separates average law school tutors from great ones? That’s the question anyone thinking about hiring a tutor needs to answer. In theory, anyone who makes it through law school with good grades should make a good tutor. But being an effective tutor takes more than an understanding of the law. Being a great tutor involves […]


Why NOW Is Actually a Good Time to Go to Law School

If you’re thinking about going to law school–or if you’re already in law school–you may be wondering what you’re doing. Law school is hard, the economy is challenging, and the mainstream media seems to be a bit down on legal education these days. You may be having second thoughts. You may be thinking now isn’t a good […]


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