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What 1Ls Should Do During Winter Break

Winter Break Planning By Law Students

Finally! The first semester of your first year of law school is over. Winter break has arrived and … now what? For about a month, you’re not going to be required to read anything, show up anywhere or answer a barrage of intimidating questions in front of 65 of your closest competitors. What’s a 1L […]


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What to Expect During Thanksgiving Break

ThanksGiving Celebration

Thanksgiving signals the start of the holiday season. It’s usually the first real break of the semester and marks the pause right before the final push to the end of the term. For many, it’s an opportunity to go home and spend some time with family and friends and finally take a break from school. […]


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Strangest Halloween Laws

Halloween Laws

Ah Halloween, the best unofficial holiday of the year. It’s the time of year where we are actually encouraged to match our outward appearances with our inner freaks, ghouls, and monsters. Usually traced back to the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain, Halloween is a prelude to the Christian All Saint’s Day, a day to remember […]


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Thanksgiving and Turkey VS. Textbooks

After months of immersing yourself in coursework and cases, Thanksgiving break affords you the freedom to relax for a few days. Or do you? Exams are coming, which means you’re likely in the final throes of preparing. This means any time spent on the couch watching football is time you could be spending reading and […]


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New (Academic) Year’s Resolutions for Law School Students

Happy new year! No, it’s not January 1st. It’s September, which means another new academic year is under way at law schools across the country. Every new year is an opportunity for a fresh start, to reinvent yourself, to do better. So even though the calendar hasn’t flipped to 2014, yet, you should make some […]


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