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Consider These 9 Tips Before You Take The LSAT


  • You can take the LSAT in another Country

One little known tip is that students can actually take the LSAT in another country.  The LSAT is offered in: Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand.


Yes, you read that right- you can take the LSAT and then go travel around the Great Barrier Reef.  But why might you ask can you take the LSAT in another country?  You may live in another country and want to take the LSAT test or you may be a student doing a study abroad program and choose to take the LSAT.  If you are doing a study abroad program and you are serious about taking the LSAT and attending law school, make sure you dedicate the time and energy required for studying for the exam.  This definitely can be hard to do when you are in another country but it is an option.  And the registration fee is the same as if you were to take the exam in the United States.



  • You can take Free Practice LSAT Tests from Many Prep Providers

LSAT Preparation providers often times offer free practice LSAT tests to students where students can get a feel for the tutor provider’s class.  Students can take either attend an in person class for a practice test or go online and take a free practice test from some of the larger providers.  The test will then be graded and you will receive feedback on your performance.  This will give you a great idea on whether you feel like this would be the right provider for you.  Not all providers will have this option but pick your top two or three providers and make sure to inquire if they have a free practice test.  If they do – make sure to attend a couple so you can narrow down your choices of examination providers!


  • If you are a Self-Starter Think About Taking An Online Course

More or more students are turning to online program options for online law schools and online courses in general.  LSAT companies are also following the waves of online options and giving students more accessible options when it comes to online preparation providers.  Companies such as NextStep Test Prep and PowerScore Test Prep LSAT providers provide online course options.  This is a great option for students and many students prefer to take their LSAT studies in the privacy of their own home.  Just remember that online courses are great if you are disciplined.  Make sure to set aside adequate study time and limit distractions when taking online courses.


  • Online Courses are Cheaper than In Class Options

With the age of the internet more and more students are opting for study materials in a way that works for them.  Online course options don’t require the necessary overhead that in person classes have.  With that lack of overhead (building rent, etc.) online classes are often times cheaper than in person classes.  Online tutoring for the LSAT can even go so low as $75 an hour while an in person class can charge around sometimes $900 for a course.


  • Make sure to Also Consider the Benefits of An In Person Class

There are a lot of benefits to still remember when it comes to taking an in person prep class.  The most important thing to remember in choosing online versus in person is to know thyself.  In person classes work great for those people who like structure, like to be around others, and need some study buddies.  If you find that you like waking up and going somewhere to study then you want to sign for up for an in person LSAT prep class.


  • The LSAC Has a Fee Waiver

To take the LSAT a student has to pay $175 for registration.  However, the LSAC established the fee waiver program in 1968 to try to allow people who have an inability to pay for the LSAT to take the test without having to pay the registration fee.  The LSAC does point out to remember that these costs are only a fraction of the cost of a legal education and that only those with extreme need should apply.

To be considered for an LSAT fee waiver a potential student must:  be a US, Canadian, or Australian citizen; be a US national; be a permanent resident alien of the United States with an Alien Registration Receipt Card (I–151 or I–551); have been granted deferred action under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA); or have applied for deferred action under DACA.

If you think that you may qualify for a fee waiver visit the LSAC at: http://www.lsac.org/jd/lsat/fee-waivers


  • Get it Right the First Time

Students sometimes think – hey I can take the LSAT again so it doesn’t matter if I screw up the first one up right?  Wrong.  You should aim to get the highest LSAT score right on your first (and hopefully only) try.  The reason that you want to take the LSAT one time is first off because it’s expensive (who wants to spend another $175 for no reason?), second because a minority of schools average the scores, and third it is extremely exhausting to study for the test.

First off you want to know if you are applying to a school that averages your test scores because it may not make that much of a difference for you to take the test again if they do.  For instance: if you get a 150 and then a 160 then the average will be a 155.  This provides a huge difference because a 160 may land you a better scholarship at a lower ranking school or provide you attendance into the school you really wanted to get into whereas a 155 may not get you as much money or get you into some schools that you would have otherwise wanted.  What if you had just taken the LSAT only once and studied for the test really hard the first time.  You would saved yourself $175 dollars and the time studying for the exam.  Save yourself the money, time for studying, and hassle.  Try to take the LSAT only once.    




  • The LSAT Provides Accommodations


If you observe the Sabbath or need to take the LSAT in Spanish the LSAC provides accommodations.  The LSAC accommodates students who can’t take the LSAT on a Saturday for each LSAT testing date.  However, the LSAT offered in Spanish is offered only on limited dates.  If you are choosing to take the LSAT test in Spanish make sure you register early.  For instance, the next LSAT offered in Spanish in offered on November 21 and is offered in Puerto Rico only.

Visit: http://www.lsac.org/jd/lsat/test-dates-deadlines/2015-2016/us-canada-dec


  • There are Many Resources Specifically for LLM Students


LLM programs are offered by US and Canadian law schools for international students who want to gain global credentials.  A degree in law is the first requirement and JDs can also consider this advanced degree.  LLM programs are in abundance and there are a lot of services specifically geared to LLMs.

There are Bar Programs such as the LLM Bar Exam program (for later on in your legal career) and forums for LLM students.  For instance, there will be an LLM Law School forum in New York City on October 17, 2015 in New York where students will have the opportunity to personally talk with representatives from ABA law schools.  Remember to ask the school that you are considering what kinds of programs they have specifically geared for LLM students.

If you would like to attend the upcoming LLM conference with New York city you may visit the LSAC at: http://www.lsac.org/llm/choosing-a-law-school/meet-llm-reps
This article was written by FindMyLawTutor.com.

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