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Creating a Law School Exam Strategy for Success

You go to class every day. You take notes, read like a librarian, brief cases and participate. You hang on your professor’s every word. Then you have to wait an entire semester before you get to demonstrate your knowledge.

Annoying, right?

Law school exams are vexing. Their subject matter is months in the making. You never really know what’s going to be on them. And you need to know how to regurgitate the right information at the right time–all while writing clearly and concisely, of course.

Exams aren’t easy. That’s why you need an exam strategy.

You could choose the “all in” strategy and attempt to memorize every word your professor has spoken and assigned as reading; but this never works. Professors talk too much, and even if you could memorize everything, you’d still need to be able to write your answers–clearly and concisely.

You could “hedge” your bet and talk to more experienced students, try to figure out what’s going to be on the exam and only review your notes for those. That’s risky. Professors frequently switch up their exams. And again, you still have to be able to write.

You could also “cash out” and go to sleep. A lot of former students take this route.

Your best bet is to go with a strategy that’s suited, which is to say one that combines knowledge, skills and practice–you know, a strategy that will help you avoid a bad bet.

This type of “suited” strategy starts with hiring a law tutor. Tutors have taken the courses you’re taking. They’ve taken the exams and have obviously done well. They won’t be able to tell you exactly what your professor will put on the test, but they will be able to give you an idea of what topics covered in class are most important and hence most likely to be appear on your exams.

Once you know that, you can go back and study your notes, re-read the relevant cases and your briefs.

Then take some practice exams, which your law school tutor can help with, too. Practice reading quickly, writing clearly and thinking critically.

This is a winning exam strategy.


About the Author

Sumita Dalal is the Founder and CEO of FindMyLawTutor, the largest and most trusted website and online portal that connects law students with law tutors for success in law school. Whether preparing for the LSAT, are currently a law student or are studying for the bar exam, FindMyLawTutor makes finding a law tutor fast and easy.

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