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Creating A Study Schedule for Finals

For many of us, we are now reaching the second half of our fall terms. That means that finals are just around the corner, and, if we are not prepared, it could be a bumpy ride. Luckily for you, we have compiled effective and efficient tips to prepare you for your law school finals. Just follow through on them, and you should be more than prepared to tackle your finals. Examination Schedule During Law Exam

Go buy a black planner/calendar.
The first step in preparing for finals is to start scheduling what materials to study for. Yes, you can use an electric planner on your laptop, but for backup, we recommend going to your nearest office store and buying a planner. That way, in case you are unable to access your computer, you still have your materials outlined in a concrete calendar.

Start marking up that calendar with exam and paper due dates.
Now, what good is a calendar without dates? Once you get your dates for your exams, projects, and papers, immediately start marking them into your planner. This way, you will have a clear view of the road ahead and properly plan and allocate time to your course materials.

Divide up your work into manageable segments.
Trying to tackle an entire semester’s worth of material is a virtually insurmountable task, instead pick the material apart and categorize them into relatable sections/topics. Take these sections and pencil them into your planner so that you have a coherent and visual path to take when studying for your finals.

Most importantly, take breaks.
Hours upon hours of studying can actually be detrimental to your efforts. Instead, study for a set period of time and allow yourself to take a step back and process the information so that you can retain it better. This means taking breaks and letting your mind wander off and think about something else, which in turn will allow to come back to your studies better focused and more refreshed.


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