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Creating a Specialized Law Career


Child custody cases are traditionally viewed as fairly routine, and even mundane. Historically, the mother received custody. The father received visitation and was required to pay child support. It was the unusual case where the father received custody. It was just as unusual for family courts to provide much help to the father if he was not able to see his children according to the ordered visitation schedule. Over the past few decades, however, the father’s rights movement began to develop significant traction thanks to advocates such as Chicago attorney Jeffrey M. Leving. Not only has the child custody landscape significantly changed, but father’s rights, a field of law that was once practically non-existent, became the basis for a thriving practice for the 1979 graduate of IIT-Chicago Kent College of Law, Jeffrey Leving, as well as for others.

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Finding the right legal job may seem challenging.   Most graduates want a job that provides financial security and that they actually enjoy. Lucrative jobs at top law firms are few. And frankly, many law school graduates are simply not interested in law careers in mergers and acquisitions, securities or tax.   Careers in such areas as criminal defense, public interest, or a job working for the government may not be quite right. However, such students do want to practice law. They just want to have a career that both offers financial security and personal fulfillment.

Do not be discouraged if you scan the practice areas of law firms large and small, and do not find the area of law that interests you. Begin your career by finding a job that is related to the area on which you eventually want to focus. If like Jeffrey Leving, your future niche is a special area of family law, then start your career as a family law attorney and gradually develop a practice that focuses on your preferred area. Jeffrey Leving, after making a name for himself as one of the leading experts on father’s rights, is regularly called on by the media to comment on high profile cases. In a 2000 case that pitted the father of 7-year old Elian Gonzalez who lived in Cuba, against several members of Elian’s family who lived in Florida, Leving was not only contacted by Elian’s father, but he was also tapped by media outlets such as CNN, MSBNC, and Fox to comment on the case.

There are many other areas of law that now have growing specialized areas.   For example, decades ago civil rights lawyers focused on issues related to race. Now a civil rights law career could lead into a career that deals with transgender legal issues. New laws such as the 2010 Affordable Care Act can lead an employee benefits attorney into a new area as clients try to figure out what is and is not required under the new law.

While some have warned that opportunities for lawyers have become limited and narrow, you will find that if you think creatively, there is more opportunity. A job that starts out as run-of-the mill can morph into an amazing career.

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