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Don’t Apply to Law School Without Asking Yourself These 5 Questions:

  • Can I Shadow An Attorney?

If you are thinking about going to law school the first thing you should ask yourself is:  Can I Shadow An Attorney?  Before a potential student decides to take the LSAT, before you decide to talk to law school counselors, before you decide to talk to your family – decide if you want to be a lawyer first.  Please, please, please ask yourself:  Is this the right profession for me and do I like the practice of law?  If you can shadow an attorney and go to work with that person for a day, a week, a month, you will have a better idea if you like the idea of being a lawyer or actually being one.


  • Do I Like to Read and Write?

All lawyers read case law and analyze the issues.   You must like to read and write.  While some litigate more than others if you do not like to read and write then you should not be an attorney.  Law school will teach you how to IRAC (spot issues, state the law, analyze rules, and conclude).  You will learn how to IRAC in writing and argue the law in this method.  However, even if you are more of a litigator (which mean you are arguing in court more often than a transactional attorney) you will still have to read case law and write a majority of the time.


  • Do I Want to Be In Court?

Do you want to be more of an attorney who practices in court – like a criminal or family law attorney?  Or do you want to be a transactional attorney — like a contract or estate planning attorney?  This should be asked up front because if you don’t like to read and write and you don’t like to be in court then this is the basic makeup of what attorneys do.  If you love to be in court, love to argue your case, love to read and write, then you may have just found your profession – and your passion.


  • Is the Particular Kind of Law I Want to Practice Growing or Shrinking?

Is the kind of law that you are thinking of practicing a growing or shrinking field?  Do a basic search of Craigslist ads for lawyers.  Do you regularly see a listing for the kind of law you want to practice?  For instance – if you want to be a criminal lawyer than criminal law normally does not fluctuate too much with economic ups and downs.  Family law also may be a field that is growing and be more in demand than other areas of law.


  • Will I Be Able To Make The Time Commitment?

Law school is a time commitment.  There is no getting around it.  Law school will take three years after your undergraduate education.  There will be study nights and weekends.  There will be the dreaded bar examination.  Lawyers are disciplined individuals.  They are intelligent, competitive, and hard-working.  But there is a time commitment involved and law school is an investment.

Make sure that you can commit and that you are ready for the commitment while deciding if law school is right for you!


This article was written by FindMyLawTutor.com.

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