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Eight Apps Every Law Student Should Have

Equity and Trusts? There’s an app for that.

In fact, there’s an app for almost everything law-related these days. If you’re the type of law school student who prefers digital tools to hard copies and legal dictionaries (and really, who isn’t?), check out these eight apps every law student should have:

Black’s Law Dictionary App
Take a load out of your backpack by downloading Black’s Law Dictionary app. It offers all the same must-have information found in the printed version—without the giant size.

U.S. Constitution App

Not only is the U.S. Constitution the foundation of everything you’re studying, it’s an interesting read.


Bored between classes? Stuck on the bus? Pull out your smartphone and test your knowledge of international torts with this fun little app. Use it frequently and you may just be able to make a lot of money as a torts lawyer after you graduate.


Want to write like Scalia? Read his opinions, pay attention in your writing courses, and then download this app, which provides a lot of practical tips that will make you a better writer.


This app is perfect for keeping track of your reading assignments, cases you need to brief, clinic schedule and anything else you need to know to make it through the day, week, month and year.


Do all your legal research anywhere, anytime with this app from the leaders in legal research. This isn’t WestLaw lite, either. It gives you access to the most powerful legal search tool there is—all on your tablet or smartphone.

Equity and Trusts Concentrate

See, there’s an app for almost anything—including equity and trusts. Check it out and you’ll be able to test your knowledge of equity and trusts any time you want to.


Remember your social life, pre-law school? Well, your friends and family are still out there—on Facebook and Twitter—even if you don’t have time to keep up with them on a regular basis. Download HootSuite and you’ll be able to quickly keep up with their tweets and status posts without dedicating a lot of time to social media. Hey, not every app has to be directly related to law school, right?

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Sumita Dalal is the Founder and CEO of FindMyLawTutor, the largest and most trusted website and online portal that connect law students with law tutors for success in law school. Whether preparing for the LSAT, are currently a law student or are studying for the bar exam, FindMyLawTutor makes finding a law tutor fast and easy.

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