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First Legal Job? Go “Beyond Doc Review”

FindMyLawTutor.com was recently invited to attend the “Beyond Doc Review” discussion by famed criminal defense attorney, Louis Shapiro.  Mr. Shapiro is a dynamic criminal law attorney in Los Angeles and has represented numerous clients in cases ranging from DUI to more serious offenses such as child molestation, kidnapping, sexual assault, and homicide.  Most recently, Mr. Shapiro represented Django Unchained actress, Daniele Watts, getting her charges essentially dismissed.

Mr. Shapiro sat down with recent bar passers for his talk, “Beyond Doc Review” to give students a couple tips on how to go “Beyond Doc Review” and get some real lawyering experience in this economy.  Congratulations to all those students who passed the bar examination in May!!!!


Here are 4 worries that some bar passers had and Mr. Shapiro’s advice to recent bar passers:

1)       If I Practice one Area of Law am I going to be Pigeonholed? 

No, the only time you are going to be pigeonholed is if YOU pigeonhole yourself.  As a new attorney you are going to get experience in areas that you may not want to practice for long-term, however it is your choice if you choose to stay.  You are not going to be pigeonholed in one particular practice area.

2)       What if the Job Asks for My Salary Requirement?

Say that you are flexible.  Most jobs/companies already know of a salary they have in mind.  It is never going to hurt you to say you are flexible in salary.  You may always renegotiate in time.

3)       Should I Do Document Review?

Yes!  The most important thing to remember is document review is going to give you money but do not see it as a negative.  You do not have to think of document review as long term if that is not what you would like to do.  You do not have to “marry” document review.

4)       What is a Good Way to Network?

A great way to network is to join bar associations.  A lot of bar associations are free!  If you are hesitating about joining a certain bar association because, for instance, they may be a different ethnicity than you – GO ANYWAY!   Don’t forget to “like” the bar association pages so you can get mixer notifications!

Hope these tips help all the recent bar passers in their job search!  If you’d like to hear more tips look out for the next “Beyond Doc Review Discussion” meeting with Louis Shapiro at his website: http://www.loushapiro.com/.


This article was written by FindMyLawTutor.com.

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