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FMLT_What Is A Law Review

There are a lot of things you can do in law school to make yourself more appealing to prospective employers. You can gain practical skills in clinics, demonstrate your knowledge of legal theory by finishing in the top 10 percent of your class, or do both—gain practical experience and hone your legal knowledge—by joining your school’s law review.

Every ABA-accredited law school in the county has at least one law review, and most have two, three or more. Law reviews publish articles that examine specific legal issues. The articles are written by legal scholars, judges and practicing attorneys.

The articles are solicited, edited and fact-checked by students, including an executive editor, editors and staff members. The executive editor runs the show. They are supported by the editors, who oversee the work of the staff.

Everyone on a law review has an impressive credential—one that appeals to prospective employers.

For as long as there have been law reviews, employers have viewed their staff as more desirable, and with good reason.

Joining a law review is competitive. Most law schools have writing competitions, judged by the faculty advisor and the editorial staff, to decide who gets to join the staff each year. You have to be able to write well to be allowed to join the staff.

Once you’re on the staff, you’ll gain a lot of practical experience. You’ll learn how to research and check sources and citations. You’ll learn how to edit for style and clarity. And you’ll learn how to interact with busy legal professionals—many of whom are among the brightest legal minds in the world.

You’ll also get to read a lot of interesting articles about specific areas of the law. This, of course, broadens your legal perspectives, which makes you a better lawyer—the more you know about areas of law, the more valuable you are to prospective employers.

So you’ll gain knowledge and skills working on a law review, but you’ll also gain something else: an important credential. Having a law review on you resume is particularly important if you intend to get a judicial clerkship or work at a large firm. Judges and hiring managers at large firms typically look for people who have been on a law review, often because most judges and top lawyers were on their school’s law reviews.

So, should you take the initiative and make the effort to join a law review? In one word: Yes.


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