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Going Mobile: The Top ___ Apps for Law Students

The app is a modern-day marvel. It exists in the palm of a hand but has access to information from anywhere in the world.

Apps have changed the way people drive, eat, workout, date and yes, even study the law.

Here’s a look at the top five apps for law school students:

Law Dojo
Who says studying the law has to be monotonous? Law Dojo is a free app that uses games to test your knowledge on a series of law-related topics ranging from contracts to criminal law to torts. It’s available on the iOS and Android platforms.

Law in a Flash
Remember the good old days, when you’d write down spelling words or multiplication problems on flash cards and then relentlessly quiz yourself until you knew them forward and back? Well, Law in a Flash brings the tried and true flash cards into the 21st century. For $19.99, you can create your very own law-related flashcards and keep them on your handheld device for use anytime and anywhere. It’s available on the iOS and Android platforms.

Black’s Law Dictionary
Law school is all about using words with precision, and every law professor will tell you that there’s nothing like having a quality legal dictionary at your disposal when you’re reading a case. Black’s Law Dictionary has long been considered one of the best—and now it’s available through an app for iOS and Windows. It costs $54.99, but it’s worth it.

ABA Journal Legal News App
If you’re going to work in an industry, it’s important to know what’s going on in the industry. The ABA Journal app gives you the latest news about industry trends, movers and shakers (read: prospective employers), and public policy—all as it happens, in real time. It’s free and works on iOS and Android.

Camera to PDF
Imagine you’ve been studying in the library all afternoon. You finally find the perfect page in an old casebook that’s full of all the information you want and need. But you’re tired, the library is about to close and you want to go home. With the Fedesoft Camera to PDF app, you can snap a photo and email yourself the page as a pdf. Snap the pic, send it to yourself and read it the next day. (You may want to bone up on copyright laws, however.)


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