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Did you Just Graduate from Law School? Make sure you “Add” all your Law School Classmates!


For many of you who graduated from law school this last May you may be pleased that you never have to see you law school classmates again.

Maybe you felt like your classmates were competitive and they bragged about their grades.  Maybe you didn’t make Law Review and you had an embarrassing moot court experience.  Maybe you just didn’t like law school in general.

Maybe you are glad that law school is over and you don’t want to keep in contact with anyone from your law school.  These feelings of law school dread may describe your feelings, but I’m going to give you a very, very valuable piece of advice that you may not want to hear:

You need to add and send friend requests to your law school classmates on Facebook.

Facebook more and more is not only a social media forum for your friends, family, and place to put the occasional selfie.  It is also an avenue for business, contacts, and jobs.

There is LinkedIn and Twitter but make no mistake about it, keeping in touch with your legal community on Facebook will help you leaps and bounds in your professional career.  Facebook is always interactive and updated and because of this you will see information you might not otherwise see.

Sometimes your classmates will post if they know of a job opportunity.  Sometimes you may reach out and message someone who works in a legal field you are interested in.  You may see a lot of colleagues leaving a particular firm and choose not to leave your current job for that firm opportunity.  Your old classmate may be opening up their own firm and need help.

Facebook tells you so much about what is going on in your legal community and you will see it daily if you check Facebook.  Facebook is just that:  it is a community and it is interactive.

So remember:  “add” your legal classmates (send them Facebook friend requests), keep your Facebook profile professional, and keep negativity to a minimum.

Your legal classmates will be some of your most important and lucrative Facebook friends.  You’ll thank us and Mark Zuckerberg later.


This article was written by FindMyLawTutor.com.

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