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Griffon Preparation Services

Griffon Preparation Services offers LSAT Prep courses from its Washington, D.C. offices.  Founded in 2005 by two experienced LSAT instructors, Bernadette Chimner and Jeffrey Glazer, Griffon Prep has been able to distinguish itself from the larger, nationally recognized LSAT prep schools by focusing on individual attention to its students.

Griffon Prep offers LSAT prep sessions 4 times a year, with each beginning approximately two months prior to an LSAT test date.  Griffon is committed to providing its students personal attention.  Thus, it limits class size to just 12 students.  In addition to the in-class instruction, Griffon also offers an extra session each Friday evening during which students receive one-on-one help.  Students are encouraged to bring questions to these Friday evening sessions so that the instructor can help with the student’s specific problem area.   Griffon further demonstrates its commitment to its students by being available by phone to answer questions.

Even with such personal attention, Griffon manages to keep its services affordable.  Each LSAT prep course is $1350.  A discount of $100 is available to students who register early.  For that fee students receive 66.5 hours of in class instruction.  Students also take 5 full-length practice tests and have access to 30 hours of weekly extra-help sessions.  In testimonials posted on its website, students rave about the small class sizes and individual attention.  Former students also credit Griffon Prep with helping them achieve test scores that enabled them to be accepted at top 10 law schools.  In addition to its prep courses, Griffon also offers custom LSAT tutoring packages for an additional fee.

Given the backgrounds of its instructors, it is not surprising that former students of Griffon Prep rave about it.  While Griffon Prep is relatively new to the LSAT prep market, its founders and instructors are not new to teaching test prep courses.  Chimner has been teaching since 1999 and Glazer also has years of test prep course teaching experience.  Chimner and Glazer also know from personal experience what it takes to excel on the LSAT.  Both have taken the LSAT multiple times, consistently scoring in the 99th percentile.  Chimner has even achieved a perfect score on two occasions.  In order to teach an LSAT course at Griffon Prep, instructors must have received a minimum of 175 on a real LSAT.  In addition, each instructor must complete an extensive training course before being permitted to teach an LSAT prep class.

To learn additional details about Griffon Preparation Services’  LSAT prep classes and to determine if it is the right tutoring service for you, visit its website.  On the website you will find Griffon’s LSAT prep course syllabus and excerpts from its materials.  Griffon Prep also permits prospective students to sit in on a class free of charge in order to see first-hand what Griffon has to offer.

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