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Have You Considered Becoming a Doctor of Law?

As you consider your future in the field of Law, there are so many options and opportunities available to you. Have you ever considered becoming a Doctor of Law as an alternative to more traditional law degrees? Whichever way you choose to go you should consider getting a law tutor to help you study for those vital exams and everyday homework to ensure success.

What is a JD?
JD stands for Juris Doctor, which is a doctorate degree in law. Here in the U.S. obtaining a JD requires four years of undergraduate studies and three years in law school. A JD is a terminal degree, meaning that receiving a JD is the highest degree available in the field of law; however there are other degrees that can enhance your JD degree. The first JD was awarded in the late 19th century from Harvard University. The term Juris Doctor has its roots from the Latin language, where it means ‘Teacher of Law’.

Benefits of a JD
Having a JD opens you up to a wide variety of options.Aside from practicing law, with a Juris Doctor degree you would be qualified to teach law at most prestigious universities. Thus obtaining a JD is definitely worth considering, and to sweeten it a little there are even some law firms offering bonuses to lawyers that hold a J.D./M.B.A.:

There are aksi many prominent individuals who have obtained a JD, such as:

•    NBA commissioner David Stern
•    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
•    New York Prosecutor John F. Kennedy Jr.
•    Former Prime Minister of England Margaret Thatcher

As you most likely already know law school is not cheap, so you may be asking yourself what you can earn with a JD. As of 2010, the average attorney salary was $112,760. This number can also be helped by moving to a higher paying region such as Washington D.C., where the average salary for lawyers is $162,830 according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

Most importantly, though, is that lawyers getting these high paying jobs are the ones with the highest scores from the best schools. That is why it is vitally important to your future to get help from a law tutor for help with everything from the LSAT, to help while your in law school, and to taking the boards. Law school tutoring can help you ensure that you are among the individuals who receive the most high paying jobs and ensure the well being of your future.


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