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How to Ace Your Law School Finals

As the end of the calendar year rolls around, you find yourself in a good news/bad news situation.

The good news is that the end of the semester is within reach. The bad news is that you can’t get it without going through final exams—and law school final exams are more intimidating and important than any other final exam you’ve ever experienced.

Law School Final Examination

They cover an entire semester’s worth of cases, points of law and circumstances. They don’t have “right” and “wrong” answers. And they represent your one and only chance to do well in your class.

There’s a lot riding on your final exams, so you might as well do everything you can to ace them. Here’s how:

Use your outline
If you were a diligent student all semester long, you’re sitting on an awesome outline right now. Use it. If you didn’t get it done, quickly come up with some semblance of an outline and trade it with a classmate under the guise of comparing notes.

Show up for class
It sounds like common sense, but it’s worth saying because a lot of people blow off the last few classes of the semester. That’s a bad idea. Just because the semester is in its final throes doesn’t mean you should stop going to class. Professors love loading the final exam with questions pertaining to topics discussed during the last few days of class—when a lot of students don’t bother to show up.

Stay focused
Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Tinder might be calling, but you need to ignore them. Stay off social media and stay entirely focused on your studying.

Don’t drink
You’re going to be tempted to hit up happy hour and have a few drinks. Heck, it might even be your study partner who does the tempting. Ignore the temptation. There will be plenty of time for libations after you’ve finished your finals.

Get a tutor
You’ve always been one of the best students in your class. You’ve never needed a tutor before. So why should you get one now? Because there’s a lot riding on the outcomes of your law school final exams—and a lot means everything. So hire a tutor. You’ll get insight, experience and sage advice. And you’ll have a much better chance of acing your finals.


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