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How To Become a Law Tutor

Working as a law tutor is an excellent part-time job opportunity for law students and recent law school graduates. Many students seek the assistance of law tutors in preparing to take the Law School Admission Test. The LSAT is the standardized test universally required for admission to ABA certified law schools. Law school tutoring work is also available to undergraduates who are taking law-related courses and for graduate students in disciplines like business.

There are myriad ways to prepare for and become the best law tutor out there. Obviously you should score high on the LSAT, and attending or graduating from a reputed law school never hurts. More than that, though, the following steps will help you to score high on the LSAT and obtain admission to law school:

1.    Make sure you know what you’re teaching. Be familiar with law, law school and the LSAT by taking law courses as an undergrad and staying on top of law news, trends and facts. It is also ideal if you take other appropriate undergraduate courses to help you as a tutor. Useful courses may include logic and rhetoric in philosophy, as well as writing courses in English and political science and government courses.

2.    Develop a concrete lesson plan. To help students prepare for the LSAT, you should be well organized, have teaching goals and objectives in mind and have a structured outline of what you will teach, how you will teach it and when. The key to this is staying organized, be comprehensive and have lesson plans that reflect the structure and questions in the exam.

3.    Make sure you know the LSAT. Because it is a timed test, it is important for test takers to utilize their time wisely. Make sure you administer timed tests for those you tutor so that they are used to the time constraint and learn their strengths and weaknesses. Then go the extra step by identifying those weaknesses, concrete steps to improve them and make sure they truly understand what improvements you are helping them achieve. As a general rule of thumb, administer as many sample LSAT exams as possible, maybe even one to two per week, to ensure familiarity with the exam and help calm their nerves when they are actually taking it.

4.    Make sure your tutoring campaign is administered over a proper period of time. LSAT preparation is best accomplished over an extended time period to allow students ample time to relax, become familiar with the process and really comprehend all the information at hand. While cramming might be okay in high school and college (we’ve all been there), it’s a different story for such an important law exam, especially since you’re being paid to help them excel on it.

5.    Market your skills. If you have scored well on the LSAT and/or have experience in the ‘real’, law world, getting a job might be easier because people are more likely to trust you. Signing into a law tutor directory is also a really good idea because they are a trusted source of reliable law tutors. Also make sure to set a fair and realistic price to help you stand out from other law tutors vying for students as well.


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