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How to Form a Successful Study Group in Law School

Law school can be tough. For a lot of law school students, the challenge can prove to be a bit too much to handle on one’s own. Multiple classes, each assigning their own 3-hour quotas of homework each week can add up very quickly. Most students also work while going to law school, so the hours accumulated at school and at work can sometimes be overwhelming. So how does one overcome the seemingly never-ending amount of work? One great and popular suggestion would be to form a study group. Law School Group Studies

Study groups are a great way for law school students to pool their resources together and go over course material that alone would be seemingly impossible to cover, but not all study groups are considered equal. Here some tips on forming an effective and successful study group.

Carefully pick who you want in your group.
We don’t say this with any malice intended; we simply mean to pick fellow colleagues that are diligent, reliable, and pay attention in class. A study group is only effective if all its members contribute equally. If one member prioritizes going out and partying over studying, they are probably not a good match for your group.

Choose an appropriate location to meet.
The school library is the most obvious choice that comes to mind, but it’s not always convenient for all the members to meet there. If you need to find another location to meet, make sure that it is easy for everyone to get to and provides a positive learning environment. Distractions should be kept at a minimum as to keep your team focused and on task.

Set a date and time to meet.
The whole point of a study group is to get together with fellow classmates and go over and discuss class materials, so it’s essential that, as a group, you all can agree to a specific time and day to meet. It is also recommended that multiple study sessions be scheduled to go over course material in a timely manner, as opposed to meeting one time right before the final. You will have less work to go over each time, which will allow your group to thoroughly go over the material.

Define the group’s goals and study material to go over.
Lastly, go over with your group the essential course information that you all wish to go over. It is more effective to single out certain areas of a subject that are difficult to comprehend than to go over the entirety of a single class unit. You’ll not only save time on studying, but you will also be able to study in a more effective manner.


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