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How to Maximize Your Productivity in Law School

Every student is bound to encounter lapses in their overall productivity. Law school students are especially prone to this, due to their extraneous amounts of class materials. But, the key to maximizing productivity doesn’t necessarily lie in hard work; it lies in working smart and balancing school and life efficiently.

Law school Productivity

Planning and laying out a schedule to study is essential to any student life, not just law students. It is important to be able to set aside times where you are able to sit down and go over your course material, and it’s equally as important to set aside time for you to take a break and allow yourself to relax and take your mind off the material. All work and no play doesn’t only make Jack a dull boy but also a forgetful boy. Give yourself time off from studying to help you process and retain what you have learned.

It is extremely important to be able to focus on the task at hand. Too easily can we be distracted by countless side tasks that take valuable time and concentration away from our primary task. Sometimes, we think that we can check our emails or Facebooks while studying, and all to often, we find ourselves more occupied by the side things instead of our course materials. But that being said….

We don’t mean watch TV while having a book open either. We mean taking similar and relatable course material and group them together. Often many key terms from one topic are able to tie in to, and needed to understand, another topic. Organize these materials together, and you will have a more thorough and fluid study experience. But most importantly….

Take Care of Yourself
They say mind over matter, but the mind can only function when the body is healthy. Be sure to take care of your health and don’t sacrifice it to catch up on your work. If you are feeling tired after hours of studying, take a step back and do something else, like rest. You can focus better when you are well rested and are able to retain more information with a sharper mind than with a tired one. Sacrificing physical health for the sake of school could lead to more serious health issues that can take you out of school.


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