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Is it better to go to a better Law School and get a lower GPA or get a higher GPA at a lower ranking Law School?

Applying to law schools can be a daunting task. However, the bigger challenge can be deciding which law school to attend. Choosing the right law school makes it much easier to find employment and eventually have a very successful career. Many people struggle between choosing a high ranked school and a lower ranked school because of class competition and their probable overall GPA. A lower ranking school can be less costly and it is possible to get a better GPA. However, being an average student at Yale or Harvard will ultimately entice employers because of the caliber of the school.

One of the biggest benefits of attending a lower ranking law school is the cost. Any law school is going to be expensive, but lower ranking schools have more affordable law programs. Considering the cost of rent, books, classes, food, and other necessities is important. Many people cannot realistically go to a prestigious school because of the cost and loans that nobody likes to take out. Being practical is important when considering your options.

If you cannot attend a high ranking school, there are benefits to attending other law schools. It is easier to get a high GPA at lower ranking schools. You can make the most out of any education by getting high grades and being at the top of their class. The coursework may also be less rigorous. Those who apply themselves to their education will still find a good job, and being at the top of your class becomes very attractive when applying for jobs.

If you can go to a high ranking and prestigious school, there are several reasons to consider enrolling. First, many prospective employers will not care if they are hiring an average student from a top tier school. As long as you applied yourself and graduated in good standing, their eyes will light up. One of the reasons the costs of high ranking law schools are high is because you’re paying for the name. But that name is also associated with a history of excellence, and employers will trust a notable school and know the coursework is harder than other schools, so they will be willing to hire students with average GPAs. If you’re worried about your GPA, then law school tutoring is available and highly recommended.

The people you meets at high ranking schools are another reason to attend. You will learn from teachers that are well respected and have relevant experience. Students can make connections with, and get references from, some of the top legal minds in the world. You can also network with classmates to create successful partnerships, which will undoubtedly pay off in the future.

When considering schools, a high ranking school is worth the price of admission. Many students turn to financial aid, loans, and second jobs to afford expensive schools. Even being an average student at the best schools can offer many advantages later in life. Hiring a law tutor can also help average students be effective. The reputation of high quality schools will usually trump most other factors.


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