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Last Minute Prep LSAT

You’ve been studying morning, noon and night for weeks. You haven’t seen your friends or your favorite team play since just after opening day. You’re not even sure what day it is but you know exactly how many days there are until you take the LSAT: One.

You’ve worked hard and you think you’re ready. And you need to be ready, because there’s a lot riding on your LSAT score: scholarships, admission to your top choice, pride.

LSAT Exam Preparation

If you’re planning to take the LSAT, you need to know that the night before the test plays a critical role in your ability to perform well. In fact, it is probably every bit as important as every other night you’ve spent reading, taking practice LSAT tests and thinking about strategies.

So don’t quit preparing yet. See it through, right to the end by following these last minute LSAT preparation tips:

Gather your materials
You know what you’re going to need: admission ticket, photo identification, an analog watch, pencils, erasers, tissues, and any medical products you require. So get them all ready the night before. Put them in a clear plastic bag and set it by the door. It will help you stay ahead of schedule the next morning.

Make a practice run
There’s nothing more stressful on the morning of an LSAT than not knowing where you’re going. The evening before the test, take a practice trip to the testing center. Figure out how long it takes to get there, where you’re going to park and where you check in. You’ll be less stressed if you’ve taken a practice run.

Stop studying
There’s only so much information you can cram into your brain, and right about now your brain is probably full. So stop studying. Go for a walk instead and think through your strategy. Remember, doing well on the LSAT is as much about knowledge as it is about strategy.

Sleep well and wake up refreshed
Studies show that people perform better on tests when they are well rested. So go to bed early and get up early. Try to maintain your morning routine. If you don’t typically drink coffee, don’t drink it on test day—it can make you jittery or upset your stomach. Eat a good breakfast and hit the road.


This article was written by FindMyLawTutor.com.

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