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Last Week of Bar Prep? Things to Do!

Do Bar Exam Flow Charts

For the last week of bar preparation it is helpful to make large diagrams and flow charts.  If you are a visual learner flow charts can help you remember the legal analysis steps in a simple manner.  Flow charts are a great way to take complex legal issues and simplify them the best way you can.  Creating the flow chart will help you not only memorize the information, but it will also help you remember the information during your bar exam.  It is a great idea to get a large Post It Easel with sticky back and write out your legal subjects and their flow chart.  Put them around your room in the last week of the exam so that you are constantly visualizing and memorizing your legal flow chart subjects.


Do Listen to Music that Will Motivate You

You are almost in the last week of a very, very long marathon.  Make sure that you take the time to get pumped up and a great way to do that is to listen to some music to get you going!  In the morning take some time while you are getting ready to listen to upbeat music.  What are some great music choices?  Some great music choices are:  Eye of the Tiger Survivor, Fight Song Rachel Platten, We Will Rock You Queen (whatever song to get you going….)!


Do Get Ready for Your Hotel Stay          

Many of you will be staying in a hotel for your bar examination and you want to make sure that you make a list of what you will need.  Remember to bring your cell phone, your cell phone charger, your Identification, admission ticket, laptop, charger, etc.  Make sure that you make a list, pack your bag, and check your list and the contents of the bag a couple times so that you make sure that you have everything you need.


Do Spend Most of Your Time Alone

Like any athlete this is now the time to focus and get in the zone.  To get in the zone it is sometimes better to be alone for the most part.  Your fellow test takers (and you) will be feeling a full range of emotions now and it is a good time to just focus and “put your blinders on.”  During the test remember to NOT talk about issues that were on the bar examination.  It will shake your confidence if you feel that you missed something and it is better just to remember to focus during this time period.


Do Take it Easy the Day Before the Bar

Alright all you bar examination studiers!  You have studied.  You are ready and you can take a little break the day before the bar examination.  You can rest and do a light review of the topics.  Just remember that you have studied the best you can during these months of studying.  It is good to give your mind a little mental break so that you can go into the exam feeling more refreshed then you otherwise will if you cram and study all day.


Do Get Some Champagne!

Yes, you should plan to get something to celebrate your accomplishment of taking the bar examination.   You’ve done an incredible job.  You finished the bar examination and you deserve to celebrate.  Congratulations on a huge accomplishment very soon!


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