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Law School Applicants: It Pays to Be Well-Rounded

You know what it takes to get into the law school of your choice, right? It’s what you and your pre-law adviser have been working on:

Law School Students

  • An impressive GPA
  • Exceptional letters of recommendation
  • A personal statement that will have admissions deans falling all over themselves to offer you admission
  • A LSAT score that will help improve a law school’s “US News & World Report” ranking.

That’s all you need, right? Wrong.

In addition to everything listed above, you have to demonstrate that you are more than just a bunch of numbers and words on a page. It is critical have to show them that you are someone who is intellectually curious, engaged in your community, ethical, passionate and willing to be a leader.

In other words, you need to show the law school admissions counselors that you are a well-rounded individual. Here is a look at five intangible attributes that demonstrate that you are well-rounded fit for the legal field:

  1. Passion for the law. This needs to shine through in your personal statement. Show them that you want to go to law school for the right reasons and not just because you are having a hard time finding a job and you will be more likely to get in.
  2. Tenacity. Getting through law school takes grit. Showing the admissions team that you have faced and overcome adversity in your life is a great way to show them that you have what it takes to succeed in law school.
  3. Intellectual curiosity. Sure, your undergraduate GPA shows that you can do well in school, but it doesn’t say a lot about your overall intellectual curiosity. Find a way to demonstrate to the admissions team that you are more than just a good student–show them that you want to go beyond just getting answers “right”.
  4. Ethics. Lawyers are held to higher standards than others, hence, law schools hold their students to higher standards than other colleges and universities. When you can, make sure you highlight your commitment to integrity, doing what is right and letting your actions speak louder than your words. If you have any type of criminal activity on your record, make sure you disclose it–but also make sure you put it into context and talk about what you learned from it.
  5. Leadership. Everyone wants leaders; show your law school how you have led in the past and how you will do so in the future.

This article was written by FindMyLawTutor.com.

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