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Law Tutors: Why You Need to Hire One

We know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking you don’t need a law tutor.

After all, you finished at the top of your class in college. You’re smart. You’re driven. And there’s no way you need law school tutoring to help you succeed in law school.

That’s what you’re thinking. The truth is: Everyone who’s seeking a JD needs a law tutor. Here’s why…

You’ve got to have a strategy
Law school isn’t like an undergraduate program. The courses are more difficult. The professors use the Socratic method. Your classmates are all like you – they’ve always been at or near the top of their respective classes. And it’s more competitive.

To succeed again, you’ll need a strategy for maximizing your studying.
A law tutor who’s already been through the grind can help you understand your learning style and create a study strategy that allows you read with a critical eye, analyze legal theory, write outlines the way lawyers do and then brief cases.

Law school exams typically take place at the end of each semester. That means you’ll have to retain a lot of knowledge and then produce thoughtful, exact answers. Taking a course without a study strategy is a good way not to finish where you’re used to finishing: at the top of the class.

You’ve got to have a system
Admissions professionals say to expect to spend three hours a week studying for each credit hour you take. If you take a full-time course load (14 credits), you’ll spend more than 40 hours a week studying.

That’s akin to having a full-time job.

One of the best ways to succeed is to build a system where you study the right topics at the right times. Law tutors can help you build a system that works for you. They can help you focus on what really matters while also holding you accountable to your system; plus, if you know you’re paying a law tutor to help you, you’re going to be more likely to be ready for your meetings.

You’ve got to succeed
Law school is an investment in your future. You’re paying a lot of money to follow your dreams and find a good job. And the best jobs typically go to those who finish in the top 10 percent of their class. A law tutor can improve your chances of finishing at or near the top and make sure you maintain your sanity throughout law school – something that many law school grads will say is harder to maintain than a stellar GPA.


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