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Laws of Communication: How to Get the Most out of Your Law Tutor

When you invest in a law tutor, you want to maximize your return. You want assistance, reassurance and support. You want to know that when you have needs, your tutor will be there to help you.

That means you need to step up and provide clear, concise, timely communication—and then agree up-front on outcomes.

Here’s a checklist to help you make sure you’re getting the most out of your tutor:

Be clear about communication

Sure, you’re going to meet face-to-face, but what about when you have those pressing questions between your regularly scheduled tutoring sessions? Is the best way to reach your tutor via email, text, Facetime or phone? Determining your primary (and emergency) methods of communicating early on will save you a lot of time (and angst) later.

Over communicate

In general, people appreciate receiving clear, concise emails. However, your relationship with your tutor is anything but ordinary. When you present your tutor with a question, be sure to include a lot of background information. Much of their ability to help you understand challenging concepts will come down to your ability to help them understand the context in which you’re asking.

Be clear and concise

Okay, you just read that you’re supposed to over communicate. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be clear (and concise, whenever possible). You can and should provide context and background—just do it in a format that’s easy for your tutor to digest. For example, start every email with a call-out of your most pressing question, use headers and always refrain from using fancy words for simple statements.

Use proper titles

Help your tutor help you as quickly as possible by referring to cases, lectures and assignments by their proper titles. There’s nothing worse for a tutor than spending a lot of time researching one case when you really need help with another.

Proof your communications

Your phone’s auto-correct feature can be a problem. Before you hit “send” on your email or text, take a moment to proof it. Is it grammatically correct? Is it clear? Does it provide the right amount of context? Did your auto-correct feature “fix” any words that didn’t need fixing? You never want to send anything that will cause confusion or, worse yet, embarrassment.

About the Author

Sumita Dalal is the Founder and CEO of FindMyLawTutor, the largest and most trusted website and online portal that connect law students with law tutors for success in law school. Whether preparing for the LSAT, are currently a law student or are studying for the bar exam, FindMyLawTutor makes finding a law tutor fast and easy.

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