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LSAT, Law School, Bar Test Prep: Novins

Novins Law Prep provides coaching and test preparation for all law related tests, including the bar exam, LSAT and law school courses. While it is based in New York, Novins Law Prep offers tutoring services for the bar exams for all fifty states. Novins Law Prep was established by Drew Novins, a graduate of Georgetown University Law School. Not only has Novins passed the bar in New York, New Jersey and Florida, he also scored in the top 2% on the LSAT. Novins believes that having a sound methodology for taking the bar exam and other standardized tests is just as important as understanding the substantive material. Novins teaches students the legal math methodology, a unique approach to multiple choice questions for both the bar exam and the LSAT that helps students gain confidence, improve time management and increase test scores. Student testimonials are evidence that the Novins method produces results that show a marked increase in test scores.



Novins Bar Exam classes are offered twice a year- once in the winter and once in the fall. In order to accommodate the needs of as many students as possible, the classes are available at live locations as well as over the internet. Furthermore, enrolled students have unlimited access to the lectures via the web. Thus students are able to review topics of their choosing as many times as necessary at their own pace. Understanding the importance of an interactive learning environment students are encouraged to ask questions in class. For those who view lectures online, questions can be posted and answers will be provided within 24 hours. In addition to lectures, through its “A La Carte Bar Review” program Novins offers a simulated Multistate Bar Exam as well as simulated essay questions. To provide more intensive prep, one-on-one bar exam tutoring services are also available.   Novins’ bar exam tutoring service is particularly helpful for bar exam retakers as it provides an intensive focus on the methodology of taking the bar exam.

In addition to prep services for bar exam students, Novins also offers services for LSAT students. The LSAT course is 4 weeks long and like the bar exam course it is available either through live lectures or online. During the course students learn how to apply legal math and other test taking skills to help improve LSAT scores. One-on-one LSAT tutoring is also available.

To learn more about Novins Law Prep’s full range of tutoring services and to determine if it is the right tutoring service for you, check out the website. The website has samples of how to apply the legal math methodology to bar exam questions as well as other details about the Novins approach to preparing for the bar exam, LSAT and law school examinations.

Check out Novins Law Prep at: http://www.novinslawprep.com/!


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