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Need for Environmental Lawyers Expected to Grow

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports 84,000 new lawyers will be needed in the U.S. by 2016, with new opportunities opening up in government and private corporations that deal specifically with environmental law. Environmental jobs represent one of the fastest growing occupations as public awareness of the environment grows and the number of environmental regulations continues to increase. The federal agency predicts a 58 percent growth rate in professional occupations dealing with environmental issues by 2020.

These projections make seeking a job in environmental law a worthwhile pursuit. The BLS states that when growth rates in a specific field increase faster than average, wages also rise. Law students seeking a career as a green lawyer could benefit from law tutors to ease the difficult task of completing law school as they delve into environmental science, political science and ecology. All these courses help prepare students for careers in environmental law, and a law tutor keeps the student on track to become successful in this growing field.

Students who graduate from law school with the help of a law tutor can quickly seek employment with government agencies or corporations. Public agencies commonly hire lawyers to assist with planning and development that impacts the environment. Green lawyers might also offer advice when the government drafts new legislation aimed at protecting natural resources and public health. Non-profit organizations devoted to protecting wildlife and natural habitats also hire environmental attorneys to assist in their work on behalf of citizens.

As global environmental concerns emerge about air and water quality and other issues, corporations solicit advice from lawyers to comply with the increasing number of environmental laws. These regulations might target manufacturing and industrial operations that deal with toxic chemicals or create toxic waste. Other job opportunities involve representing citizens who suffer adverse health effects from pollution created by these industries.

The rapidly evolving field of environmental law could continue to grow as researchers discover new technologies to address environmental impacts caused by modern lifestyles. Some law students go on to earn master’s degrees in environmental law to specialize in these issues. Law school tutoring can ensure students achieve success and fulfill a life of enrichment by helping the world around them.


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